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YeastLaboratoryCodeTypeAlcohol ToleranceFlocculationAttenuationMinimum TempMaximum Temp
Wyeast - Lacto BrevisWyeast5223-PCWilds & SoursHighLow0%60°F95°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Lactobacillus Blend OYL-605Omega Yeast LabsOYL-605Bacterial Cultures12%N/A0%68°F95°F
Red Star - Premier Blanc YeastRed StarUCD595WineHighLow0%59°F86°F
Bootleg Biology - Sour Weapon PBootleg BiologyBBX0089AlesMediumLow0%80°F100°F
Escarpment Labs - Lactobacillus Blend 2.0Escarpment LabsLactobacillus Blend 2.0Wilds & SoursLowLow0%86°F113°F
Lallemand - WILDBREW™ HELVETICUS PITCHLallemandHelveticus PitchWilds & SoursLowLow0%100°F113°F
White Labs - Lactobacillus Delbrueckii Bacteria WLP677White LabsWLP677Wilds & SoursMediumLow0%70°F75°F
Escarpment Labs - Lactobacillus Secondary Souring BlendEscarpment LabsWilds & SoursLowLow0%64.4°F77°F
Escarpment Labs - Berliner Brett IEscarpment LabsBerliner Brett IWilds & SoursHighMedium0%64.4°F75.2°F
Bootleg Biology - Sour Weapon LBootleg BiologyWilds & SoursLowLow0%84°F98°F
Lallemand - WILDBREW™ SOUR PITCHWilds & SoursLowLow0%86°F104°F
Escarpment Labs - Lactobacillus BlendEscarpment LabsAle0%89.6°F107.6°F
Escarpment Labs - Lactobacillus brevisEscarpment LabsAle0%95°F113°F
Escarpment Labs - Belgian Sour BlendEscarpment LabsAlesLowLow0%70°F90°F
The Yeast Bay - Lactobacillus brevis - Strain TYB282The Yeast BayWLP4681Wilds & SoursLowLow4%70°F90°F
- Saccharomycodes ludwigiiAlesLowMedium20%68°F75°F
The Yeast Bay - Metschnikowia reukaufii The Yeast BayWLP4650Wilds & SoursMediumLow22.5%60°F90°F
GigaYeast - Fast Souring LactoGigaYeastGB110AleN/A40%68°F98°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Brettanomyces Lambicus OYL-203Omega Yeast LabsOYL-203Bretts and Blends10%Low48%68°F85°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Brett Blend #2 Bit O' Funk OYL-211Omega Yeast LabsOYL-211Bretts and Blends11%Very Low48%68°F80°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Brett Blend #3 Bring On Da Funk OYL-212Omega Yeast LabsOYL-212Bretts and Blends11%Very Low48%68°F80°F
Omega Yeast Labs - All the Bretts OYL-218Omega Yeast LabsOYL-218Bretts and Blends11%Low48%68°F85°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Brettanomyces Bruxellensis OYL-202Omega Yeast LabsOYL-202Bretts and Blends10%Low48%68°F85°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Brettanomyces Claussenii OYL-201Omega Yeast LabsOYL-201Bretts and Blends10%Low48%68°F85°F
Lallemand - WindsorLallemandBritish AlesMediumLow65%59°F72°F
Bio4 - Norwegian Kveik Bio4Norwegian AlesHighMedium65%71.6°F98.6°F
Lallemand - LALBREW® CBC-1 CASK & BOTTLE CONDITIONING YEASTLallemandCBC-1AlesHighHigh65%59°F77°F
Red Star - DADYRed StarDADYAlesHighLow65%65°F80°F
Lallemand - LALVIN V1116LallemandWineMediumHigh65%50°F95°F
Lallemand - Lalvin EC-1118LallemandEC 1118ChampagneHighHigh65%59°F77°F
GigaYeast - Sour Cherry FunkGigaYeastGB150Wilds & SoursMediumLow65%68°F80°F
Pathfinder - TY48 Turbo YeastpathfinderAlesHighHigh65%80.6°F96.8°F
Wyeast - Sake 4134WyeastWY4134SakeHighLow65%60°F75°F
East Coast Yeast - BugFarm2East Coast YeastECY45Wilds & SoursHighMedium65%60°F80°F
Lallemand - LALBREW® LONDON ENGLISH-STYLE ALE YEASTLallemandLondon ESBBritish AlesHighLow65%65°F72°F
White Labs - English Ale Yeast WLP002White LabsWLP002AleMediumVery High66.5%65°F68°F
Inland Island Yeast - English Ale V INIS-315Inland Island YeastINIS-315AleMediumVery High66.5%65°F68°F
Bulldog (Hambleton Bard) - English Ale (B4)Bulldog (Hambleton Bard)B4AlesMediumHigh67%61°F70°F
Escarpment Labs - English Ale IEscarpment LabsAleMediumVery High67%65°F69°F
White Labs - European Ale Yeast WLP011White LabsWLP011AleMediumMedium67.5%65°F70°F
White Labs - Marañón Canyon Wild Cacao WLP546White LabsWLP546Wilds & SoursMediumLow67.5%65°F75°F
White Labs - Pacific Ale Yeast WLP041White LabsWLP041AleMediumHigh67.5%65°F68°F
White Labs - San Francisco Lager Yeast WLP810White LabsWLP810LagersMed-HighHigh67.5%58°F65°F
Escarpment Labs - Cali Common LagerEscarpment LabsLagersMediumMedium67.5%57.2°F64.4°F
White Labs - Cry Havoc WLP862White LabsWLP862AleMediumMed-Low68%68°F74°F
Imperial Yeast - A05 Four SquareImperial YeastA05 Four SquarealeHigh68%64°F72°F
White Labs - WLP1983 CharlieWhite LabsWLP1983AlesMediumLow68%68°F74°F
Imperial Yeast - A05 Voyager Imperial YeastA05 VoyagerAlesMediumHigh68%64°F74°F
BSI - 1868 Pasteur ChampagneBSI1868ChampagneHighLow68%39°F93°F
East Coast Yeast - British Mild ECY18East Coast YeastECY18Alen/aLow68%60°F68°F
White Labs - Dusseldorf Alt Yeast WLP036White LabsWLP036AleMediumMedium68.5%65°F72°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 131 Chiswick AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 131AleMediumVery High68.5%65°F70°F
Imperial Yeast - A09 PubImperial YeastA09 PubAleVery High69%64°F70°F
White Labs - Oktoberfest/Märzen Lager Yeast WLP820White LabsWLP820LagersMed-HighMedium69%52°F58°F
Omega Yeast Labs - British Ale VIII OYL-016Omega Yeast LabsOYL-016British Ales9%Very High69%64°F72°F
Wyeast - California Lager 2112Wyeast2112Lagers9%High69%58°F68°F
Wyeast - European Ale 1338Wyeast1338Ale10%High69%62°F72°F
Wyeast - London ESB Ale 1968Wyeast1968Ale10%Very High69%64°F72°F
Wyeast - Northwest Ale 1332Wyeast1332Ale10%High69%65°F75°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 303 Oktoberfest LagerRVA Yeast LabsRVA 303LagersMedium-HighMedium69%52°F58°F
Wyeast - West Yorkshire 1469Wyeast1469Ale9%High69%64°F72°F
Crossmyloof Brew - MonkCrossmyloof BrewAlesMediumMedium69%59°F68°F
BSI - A-32 British Ale IIIBSIA-32AlesMediumHigh69%60°F72°F
BSI - A-68 London Ale IIBSIA-68AlesMediumHigh69%64°F72°F
BSI - A-69 Timothy Taylor AleBSIA-69AlesMediumHigh69%64°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Pacific NW Ale OYL-012Omega Yeast LabsOYL-012Ales10%High69%65°F75°F
Omega Yeast Labs - British Ale VII OYL-014Omega Yeast LabsOYL-014British Ales9%High69%64°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - West Coast Lager OYL-105Omega Yeast LabsOYL-105Lagers9%High69%58°F68°F
White Labs - Old Bavarian Lager Yeast WLP920White LabsWLP920LagersMedium-HighMedium69.5%50°F55°F
Crescat Labs - CL015 Piwo CellsCrescat LabsCL015Ale9%Low69.5%64.4°F71.6°F
Muntons - Gervin Ale MuntonsGV-12AlesLowLow70%61°F72°F
White Labs - Belgian Saison I Yeast WLP565White LabsWLP565AleMediumMedium70%68°F75°F
Imperial Yeast - L17 HarvestImperial YeastL17 HarvestLagersMedium70%50°F60°F
Bootleg Biology - ChardonnayBootleg BiologyBB99301AS. boulardiiMediumLow70%65°F75°F
Lallemand - LALBREW® WINDSOR BRITISH-STYLE BEER YEASTLallemandAlesMediumLow70%59°F72°F
Wyeast - Ringwood Ale 1187Wyeast1187Ale10%High70%64°F74°F
Danstar - London ESB YeastDanstarAleMed-HighLow70%65°F72°F
Wyeast - Whitbread Ale 1099Wyeast1099Ale10%High70%64°F75°F
Fermentis - Safbrew - General/Belgian Yeast S-33Fermentis / SafaleS-33Ale11.5%High70%54°F77°F
Fermentis - Safbrew - Specialty Ale Yeast T-58Fermentis / SafaleT-58Ale11.5%High70%54°F77°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 261 Saison IRVA Yeast LabsRVA 261AleMediumMedium70%75°F85°F
White Labs - Yorkshire Square Ale Yeast WLP037White LabsWLP037AleMed-HighHigh70%65°F69°F
Wyeast - English Special Bitter 1768Wyeast1768Ale9%High70%64°F72°F
White Labs - Whitbread Ale Yeast WLP017White LabsWLP017AleMediumHigh70%66°F70°F
White Labs - Klassic Ale Yeast WLP033White LabsWLP033AleMediumMedium70%66°F70°F
White Labs - Munich Helles Yeast WLP860White LabsWLP860LagersMediumMedium70%48°F52°F
White Labs - New Nordic Ale WLP611White LabsWLP611AlesMediumMedium70%50°F86°F
BSI - A-99 Whitbread AleBSIA-99AlesLowHigh70%64°F75°F
Omega Yeast Labs - British Ale II OYL-007Omega Yeast LabsOYL-007British Ales10%Medium-High70%64°F75°F
Real Brewers - Ye Olde EnglishReal BrewersAlen/aMedium70%65°F70°F
White Labs - British Ale Yeast WLP005White LabsWLP005AleMediumHigh70.5%65°F70°F
GigaYeast - NorCal Ale #5GigaYeastGY029AleMed-High71%67°F75°F
Imperial Yeast - A10 DarknessImperial YeastA10 DarknessAleMedium71%62°F72°F
White Labs - London Ale Yeast WLP013White LabsWLP013AleMediumMedium71%66°F71°F
Imperial Yeast - L02 FestImperial YeastL02 FestLagersMedium High71%46°F56°F
Imperial Yeast - L05 CablecarImperial YeastL05 CablecarLagersMedium High71%55°F65°F
Bio4 - London ESB - SY030Bio4SY030AlesMediumHigh71%64.4°F71.6°F
Inland Island Yeast - American Ale Yeast INIS-007Inland Island YeastINIS-007AleHighMedium71%68°F74°F
Wyeast - Scottish Ale 1728Wyeast1728Ale12%High71%55°F75°F
BSI - A-78 Scotch AleBSIA-78AlesHighHigh71%55°F70°F
Omega Yeast Labs - British Ale III OYL-008Omega Yeast LabsOYL-008British Ales10%High71%64°F74°F
The Yeast Bay - Franconian Dark LagerThe Yeast BayWLP4030AlesLowMedium71%46°F51°F
White Labs - French Ale WLP072White LabsWLP072AleMediumMed-High71.5%63°F67°F
White Labs - Irish Ale Yeast WLP004White LabsWLP004AleMed-HighMed-High71.5%65°F68°F
White Labs - Southwold Ale Yeast WLP025White LabsWLP025AleMediumMedium71.5%66°F69°F
White Labs - Burton Ale Yeast WLP023White LabsWLP023AleMediumMedium72%68°F73°F
Imperial Yeast - A15 IndependenceImperial YeastA15 IndependenceAleMedium72%62°F72°F
Imperial Yeast - B45 GnomeImperial YeastB45 GnomeBelgian AleMedium-high72%65°F75°F
Imperial Yeast - B51 WorkhorseImperial YeastB51 WorkhorseBelgian AleMedium72%65°F75°F
Imperial Yeast - B56 RusticImperial YeastB56 RusticBelgian AleMedium72%68°F90°F
Imperial Yeast - B44 WhiteoutImperial YeastB44 WhiteoutBelgian AleMedium-low72%62°F72°F
Imperial Yeast - L11 GatewayImperial YeastL11 GatewayLagersMedium72%47°F55°F
White Labs - Southern German Lager Yeast WLP838White LabsWLP838LagersMediumMed-High72%50°F55°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Irish Ale OYL-005Omega Yeast LabsOYL-005British Ales12%Medium72%62°F72°F
Inland Island Yeast - Eccentric Ale Yeast INIS-006Inland Island YeastINIS-006AleMed-HighMedium72%68°F72°F
Wyeast - Czech Pils 2278Wyeast2278Lagers9%Med-High72%50°F58°F
Inland Island Yeast - INIS-055 AMERICAN WEIZEN YEASTInland Island YeastINIS-055AlesMediumLow72%65°F69°F
Wyeast - Munich Lager 2308Wyeast2308Lagers9%Medium72%48°F56°F
Fermentis - Safale - American Ale Yeast US-56Fermentis / SafaleUS-56AleMediumMedium72%59°F75°F
Inland Island Yeast - INIS-451 FRENCH ALEInland Island YeastINIS-451AlesMediumHigh72%63°F73°F
Danstar - Windsor Ale YeastDanstarAleMediumMedium72%64°F70°F
Coopers Ale-AleMediumHigh72%68°F80°F
Munton and Fison-AleMediumHigh72%64°F70°F
White Labs - Manchester Ale Yeast WLP038White LabsWLP038AleMed-HighMed-High72%65°F70°F
Wyeast - Hella Bock 2487Wyeast2487Ale12%Medium72%48°F56°F
Wyeast - Staro Prague Lager 2782Wyeast2782Lagers11%High72%50°F58°F
Danstar - American West Coast Yeast BRY-97DanstarBRY-97AleMediumHigh72%62°F75°F
White Labs - Belgian Saison III Yeast WLP585White LabsWLP585AleMediumLow-Med72%68°F75°F
Danstar - Cask and Bottle Conditioning CBC-1DanstarCBC-1Alen/aMed/Low72%59°F77°F
White Labs - Old Sonoma Ale WLP076White LabsWLP076AleMediumMedium72%66°F70°F
BSI - 1187 Ringwood AleBSI1187AlesMediumHigh72%64°F74°F
Wyeast - Rocky Mountain Lager 2105Wyeast2105Lagers10%Med/High72%48°F56°F
Bootleg Biology - Belgian Yeast Blend *BETA*Bootleg BiologyBBXBELGAlesMediumLow72%62°F72°F
East Coast Yeast - Old Newark Ale ECY10East Coast YeastECY10Alen/aHigh72%60°F68°F
East Coast Yeast - Old Newark Beer ECY12East Coast YeastECY12Alen/aMedium72%58°F68°F
Siebel Institute - American Lager BRY 118Siebel InstituteBRY 118Lagersn/aHigh72%68°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - London Ale OYL-003Omega Yeast LabsOYL-003British Ales11%Medium72%66°F72°F
Siebel Institute - German Kölsch BRY 401Siebel InstituteBRY 401Alen/aLow72%55°F59°F
Escarpment Labs - Escarpment Labs - Marina Russian FarmhouseEscarpment LabsAlesMediumLow72%77°F102°F
Omega Yeast Labs - German Lager II OYL-109Omega Yeast LabsOYL-109Lagers9%Medium-High72%50°F55°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Pilsner II OYL-108Omega Yeast LabsOYL-108Lagers9%Medium-High72%50°F58°F
Escarpment Labs - Voss KveikEscarpment LabsAlesHighHigh72.5%77°F107°F
White Labs - American Hefeweizen Ale Yeast WLP320White LabsWLP320AleMediumLow72.5%65°F69°F
White Labs - Australian Ale Yeast WLP009White LabsWLP009AleMediumHigh72.5%65°F70°F
White Labs - Belgian Wit II Ale Yeast WLP410White LabsWLP410AleMediumLow-Med72.5%67°F74°F
White Labs - California Ale V Yeast WLP051White LabsWLP051AleMed-HighMed-High72.5%66°F70°F
White Labs - East Coast Ale Yeast WLP008White LabsWLP008AleMediumMed-Low72.5%68°F73°F
White Labs - Edinburgh Scottish Ale Yeast WLP028White LabsWLP028AleMed-HighMedium72.5%65°F70°F
White Labs - English Ale Blend WLP085White LabsWLP085AleMediumMed-High72.5%68°F72°F
Mangrove Jack - Belgian Wit M21Mangrove JackM21Alen/aMed-Low72.5%64°F77°F
Mangrove Jack - Empire Ale M15Mangrove JackM15Alen/aMed-High72.5%70°F75°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 102 Boston AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 102AleHighMedium72.5%65°F73°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 132 Manchester AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 132AleMediumHigh72.5%65°F72°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 141 Scotch AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 141AleHighMedium72.5%65°F70°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 151 Dublin AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 151AleHighMedium-High72.5%65°F70°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 241 Verboten AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 241AleHighLow72.5%65°F75°F
Imperial Yeast - A31 TartanImperial YeastA31 TartanAleMedium72.5%65°F70°F
White Labs - Premium Bitter Ale Yeast WLP026White LabsWLP026AleMediumMedium72.5%67°F60°F
Escarpment Labs - Irish AleEscarpment LabsAleMediumMed-High72.5%64.4°F71.6°F
Escarpment Labs - Fruity WitbierEscarpment LabsAle12%Med-Low72.5%62.6°F75.2°F
Escarpment Labs - Weizen IEscarpment LabsAleMed-HighLow72.5%64.4°F75.2°F
Imperial Yeast - A07 FlagshipImperial YeastA07 FlagshipAleMedium-low73%60°F72°F
Imperial Yeast - A01 HouseImperial YeastA01 HouseAleHigh73%62°F70°F
Imperial Yeast - A04 BarbarianImperial YeastA04 BarbarianAleMedium73%62°F70°F
Bulldog (Hambleton Bard) - Amber LagerBulldog (Hambleton Bard)B38LagersMediumHigh73%48°F57°F
Bulldog (Hambleton Bard) - Universal Ale (B1)Bulldog (Hambleton Bard)B01AlesMediumMedium73%64°F73°F
Imperial Yeast - A18 JoystickImperial YeastA18 JoystickAleMedium High73%60°F70°F
Imperial Yeast - A13 SovereignImperial YeastA13 SovereignAleMedium-low73%60°F70°F
Bulldog (Hambleton Bard) - American West (B5)Bulldog (Hambleton Bard)B5AlesMediumMedium73%61°F70°F
Imperial Yeast - G02 KaiserImperial YeastG02 KaiserGerman AleLow73%55°F65°F
Imperial Yeast - G01 StefonImperial YeastG01 StefonGerman AleLow73%63°F73°F
Bulldog (Hambleton Bard) - European Ale (B44)Bulldog (Hambleton Bard)B44AlesMediumHigh73%59°F70°F
White Labs - German Bock Lager Yeast WLP833White LabsWLP833LagersMed-HighMedium73%48°F55°F
Imperial Yeast - L13 GlobalImperial YeastL13 GlobalLagersMedium-low73%46°F56°F
Imperial Yeast - L09 Que BuenoImperial YeastL09 Que BuenoLagersMedium73%47°F55°F
Wyeast - Bavarian Wheat 3638Wyeast3638Wheat10%Low73%64°F75°F
Wyeast - Budvar Lager 2000Wyeast2000Lagers9%Med-High73%48°F56°F
Inland Island Yeast - German Monk Lager INIS-711Inland Island YeastINIS-711LagersMediumMedium73%50°F54°F
Escarpment Labs - Biergarten LagerEscarpment LabsLagersMediumMedium73%48.2°F55.4°F
Wyeast - German Wheat 3333Wyeast3333Wheat10%High73%63°F75°F
Wyeast - Irish Ale 1084Wyeast1084Ale10%Medium73%62°F72°F
Wyeast - London Ale III 1318Wyeast1318Ale10%High73%64°F74°F
Wyeast - Pilsen Lager 2007Wyeast2007Lagers9%Medium73%48°F56°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 161 German Ale IRVA Yeast LabsRVA 161AleMedium-HighMedium73%60°F68°F
Imperial Yeast - L28 UrkelImperial YeastL28 UrkelLagersMedium73%52°F58°F
Wyeast - North American Lager 2272Wyeast2272Lagers9%High73%52°F58°F
Crescat Labs - CL004 Black CloverCrescat LabsCL004Ale12%Very High73%60.8°F71.6°F
White Labs - German Lager X Yeast WLP835White LabsWLP835LagersMed-HighMedium73%50°F54°F
Wyeast - Gambrinus Style Lager 2002-PCWyeast2002-PCLagers9%Med-High73%46°F56°F
WHC Lab - SaturatedWHC LabSaturatedAlesMediumMedium73%68°F73.4°F
Wyeast - Munich Lager II 2352Wyeast2352Lagers10%Medium73%52°F62°F
BSI - A-18 London Ale IIIBSIA-18AlesMediumMedium73%64°F74°F
BSI - A-84 Irish AleBSIA-84AlesMediumMedium73%64°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Bavarian Wheat OYL-025Omega Yeast LabsOYL-025Ales10%Low73%64°F75°F
BSI - Andechs LagerBSIAndechs LagerLagersMediumMedium73%50°F54°F
Omega Yeast Labs - East Coast Ale OYL-032Omega Yeast LabsOYL-032Ales10%Medium-Low73%68°F73°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Hefeweizen Ale II OYL-022Omega Yeast LabsOYL-022Ales10%High73%63°F75°F
BSI - Augustiner LagerBSIAugustiner LagerLagersMediumMedium73%52°F62°F
Mangrove Jack - Bavarian Wheat Yeast M20Mangrove JackM20Alen/aLow73%59°F86°F
Mangrove Jack - Newcastle Dark Ale Yeast M03Mangrove JackM03Alen/aMedium73%64°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - British Ale IV OYL-010Omega Yeast LabsOYL-010British Ales10%Medium-Low73%62°F73°F
Omega Yeast Labs - British Ale V OYL-011Omega Yeast LabsOYL-011British Ales10%High73%64°F74°F
Siebel Institute - Bavarian Weizen Ale BRY 235Siebel InstituteBRY 235Alen/aHigh73%50°F57°F
Inland Island Yeast - INIS-008 EAST COAST IPAInland Island YeastINIS-008AlesHighHigh73%64°F74°F
Mangrove Jack - UK Dark Ale YeastMangrove JackAlen/aMedium73%64°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - American Pilsner OYL-102Omega Yeast LabsOYL-102Lagers9%Medium73%48°F56°F
Omega Yeast Labs - German Bock OYL-111Omega Yeast LabsOYL-111Lagers10%Medium73%48°F55°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Lager I OYL-100Omega Yeast LabsOYL-100Lagers9%Medium-High73%48°F56°F
White Labs - Essex Ale Yeast WLP022White LabsWLP022AleMediumMed-High73.5%66°F70°F
Crescat Labs - CL005 Flemish RhapsodyCrescat LabsCL005Ale10%Low73.5%60.8°F75.2°F
Escarpment Labs - Scottish AleEscarpment LabsAleHighMedium73.5%57.2°F71.6°F
Crossmyloof Brew - FourCrossmyloof Brew AlesMediumMedium73.5%59°F72°F
The Yeast Bay - Hessian PilsThe Yeast BayWLP4035AlesLowMedium73.5%45°F48°F
Inland Island Yeast - INIS-009 FOG MACHINEInland Island YeastINIS-009AlesMediumMedium74%66°F73°F
Imperial Yeast - A20 CitrusImperial YeastA20 CitrusAleLow74%67°F80°F
Bio4 - Heffeweizen AleBio4SY055WheatMediumLow74%60.8°F71.6°F
Imperial Yeast - B48 Triple DoubleImperial YeastB48 Triple DoubleBelgian AleMedium74%65°F77°F
White Labs - Hefeweizen Ale Yeast WLP300White LabsWLP300WheatMediumLow74%68°F72°F
Imperial Yeast - B63 MonasticImperial YeastB63 MonasticBelgian AleMedium-low74%68°F78°F
Imperial Yeast - B53 Fish FinderImperial YeastB53 Fish FinderBelgian AleMedium74%65°F73°F
White Labs - Mexican Lager Yeast WLP940White LabsWLP940LagersMediumMedium74%50°F55°F
Wyeast - American Ale II 1272Wyeast1272Ale10%High74%60°F72°F
Wyeast - Belgian Ardennes 3522Wyeast3522Ale12%High74%65°F85°F
Wyeast - Pilsner Urquell H-strain 2001-PCWyeast2001-PCLagersMediumMedium74%48°F56°F
Wyeast - Belgian Wheat 3942Wyeast3942Wheat12%Medium74%64°F74°F
Wyeast - Belgian Witbier 3944Wyeast3944Ale12%Med-Low74%62°F75°F
Wyeast - British Ale 1098Wyeast1098Ale10%Med-High74%64°F72°F
Inland Island Yeast - Belgian Gnome Ale INIS-222Inland Island YeastINIS-222AleHighHigh74%65°F76°F
Wyeast - Forbidden Fruit 3463Wyeast3463Ale12%Low74%63°F76°F
Wyeast - Urquell Lager 2001Wyeast2001Lagers9%Med-High74%48°F58°F
Doric Ale-AleMediumMedium74%62°F72°F
Edme Ale-AleMediumMedium74%62°F70°F
Imperial Yeast - A38 JuiceImperial YeastA38 JuiceAlesMediumMedium74%64°F74°F
Wyeast - NB NeoBritannia 1945Wyeast1945Ale10%Med-High74%66°F74°F
Crescat Labs - CL008 Belgian MeanderCrescat LabsCL008Ale12%Very High74%64.4°F75.2°F
Crossmyloof Brew - BEòIRCrossmyloof Brew CML BEòIRAlesMediumMedium74%59°F72°F
Crescat Labs - CL018 Kveik & FoxCrescat LabsCL018Ale10%High74%68°F104°F
Escarpment Labs - American AleEscarpment LabsAleMed-HighMedium74%60.8°F72°F
Crossmyloof Brew - PiaCrossmyloof BrewAlesMediumMedium74%59°F72°F
Escarpment Labs - Czech LagerEscarpment LabsLagersMediumMedium74%48.2°F55.4°F
Escarpment Labs - Copenhagen LagerEscarpment LabsLagersMed-HighMed-Low74%46.4°F55.4°F
BSI - A-35 British Ale IIBSIA-35AlesMediumHigh74%63°F75°F
East Coast Yeast - Burton Union ECY17East Coast YeastECY17Alen/aMedium74%64°F69°F
BSI - A-72 American Microbrewery AleBSIA-72AlesMediumHigh74%62°F72°F
BSI - A-75 Henley on Thames AleBSIA-75AlesMediumMedium74%62°F72°F
BSI - A-98 British AleBSIA-98AlesMediumHigh74%64°F72°F
BSI - ABS3 Belgian AleBSIABS3AlesMediumHigh74%65°F75°F
BSI - Andechs WeizenBSIAndechs WeizenAlesMediumLow74%64°F70°F
Omega Yeast Labs - West Coast Ale II OYL-009Omega Yeast LabsOYL-009Ales10%Medium74%60°F72°F
Inland Island Yeast - INIS-241 BELGIAN WIT ALEInland Island YeastINIS-241Belgian AlesHighMedium74%64°F74°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Belgian Wheat OYL-029Omega Yeast LabsOYL-029Belgian Ales12%Medium74%64°F74°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Grand Cru OYL-023Omega Yeast LabsOYL-023Belgian Ales12%Low74%63°F76°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Wit OYL-030Omega Yeast LabsOYL-030Belgian Ales11%Medium74%62°F75°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Bayern Lager OYL-114Omega Yeast LabsOYL-114Lagers9%Medium74%51°F62°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Mexican Lager OYL-113Omega Yeast LabsOYL-113Lagers9%Medium74%50°F55°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Pilsner I OYL-101Omega Yeast LabsOYL-101Lagers9%Medium-High74%48°F56°F
White Labs - Pilsner Lager Yeast WLP800White LabsWLP800LagersMediumMed-High74.5%50°F55°F
Wyeast - British Ale 1335Wyeast1335Ale10%High74.5%63°F75°F
Escarpment Labs - Foggy London AleEscarpment LabsAleMed-HighMedium74.5%64.4°F73.4°F
Escarpment Labs - Årset Kveik BlendEscarpment LabsAlesHighHigh75%68°F98.6°F
Escarpment Labs - Ebbegarden Kveik BlendEscarpment LabsAlesHighMedium75%71.6°F98.6°F
White Labs - Bavarian Weizen Yeast WLP351White LabsWLP351WheatMediumLow75%66°F70°F
White Labs - Belgian Style Saison Blend WLP568White LabsWLP568AleMediumMedium75%70°F80°F
Imperial Yeast - A34 - JuliusImperial YeastAlesMediumHigh75%64°F68°F
GigaYeast - Trappist Tripel YeastGigaYeastGY015AleLow75%66°F74°F
White Labs - Dry English Ale Yeast WLP007White LabsWLP007AleMed-HighMed-High75%65°F70°F
WHC Lab - Bjorn - KveikWHC LabBjornNorwegian AlesHighHigh75%86°F95°F
Imperial Yeast - G03 DieterImperial YeastG03 DieterGerman AleMedium75%60°F69°F
White Labs - German Ale/ Kölsch Yeast WLP029White LabsWLP029AleMediumMedium75%65°F69°F
White Labs - Coastal Haze WLP067White LabsWLP067AlesMediumMedium75%68°F72°F
WHC Lab - SandersWHC LabSandersAlesMediumMedium75%60.8°F69.9°F
White Labs - Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast WLP720White LabsWLP720Wine15%Low75%70°F75°F
White Labs - Zurich Lager Yeast WLP885White LabsWLP885LagersMediumMedium75%50°F55°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Hefeweizen Ale I OYL-021Omega Yeast LabsOYL-021Ales10%Low75%65°F75°F
Wyeast - American Ale 1056Wyeast1056Ale10%Med-Low75%60°F72°F
Wyeast - American Lager 2035Wyeast2035Lagers9%Medium75%48°F58°F
Wyeast - Bavarian Lager 2206Wyeast2206Lagers9%Med-High75%46°F58°F
Omega Yeast Labs - British Ale I OYL-006Omega Yeast LabsOYL-006British Ales10%Medium High75%64°F72°F
Wyeast - Bavarian Wheat 3056Wyeast3056Wheat10%Medium75%64°F74°F
Wyeast - Belgian Abby Ale II 1762Wyeast1762Ale12%Medium75%65°F75°F
Omega Yeast Labs - German Lager I OYL-106Omega Yeast LabsOYL-106Lagers9%Medium-low75%45°F68°F
Wyeast - Belgian Ale 1214Wyeast1214Ale12%Med-Low75%68°F78°F
Wyeast - Belgian Lambic Blend 3278Wyeast3278Ale12%Med75%63°F75°F
Wyeast - Private Collection West Coast IPA 1217Wyeast1217Ale10% ABVMedium-High75%62°F74°F
Levtec - English Ale - Tecbrew 07LevtecBritish AlesMediumMedium75%60.8°F71.6°F
Wyeast - Bohemian Lager 2124Wyeast2124Lagers9%Medium75%48°F58°F
Inland Island Yeast - Northern California Ale Yeast INIS-001Inland Island YeastINIS-001AleHighMedium75%60°F72°F
Inland Island Yeast - English Dry Ale INIS-318Inland Island YeastINIS-318AleMed-HighMed-High75%65°F70°F
Wyeast - Danish Lager 2042Wyeast2042Lagers9%Low75%46°F56°F
Mangrove Jack - Belgian Abbey M47Mangrove JackM47Alen/aMed-High75%64°F77°F
Wyeast - German Ale 1007Wyeast1007Ale11%Low75%55°F68°F
Escarpment Labs - CerberusEscarpment LabsAlesMediumLow75%71.6°F82.4°F
Wyeast - Kölsch 2565Wyeast2565Ale10%Low75%56°F70°F
Wyeast - Lactobacillus 5335Wyeast5335Ale9%-75%60°F95°F
Wyeast - London Ale 1028Wyeast1028Ale10%Med-Low75%60°F72°F
Wyeast - Octoberfest Lager Blend 2633Wyeast2633Lagers9%Med-Low75%48°F58°F
Wyeast - Pediococcus 5733Wyeast5733Ale9%-75%60°F95°F
WHC Lab - Valkyrie/Ebbegarden - KveikWHC LabNorwegian AlesHighHigh75%87.8°F98.6°F
Wyeast - Sweet Mead 4184Wyeast4184Wine11%Medium75%65°F75°F
Wyeast - Weihenstephan Weizen 3068Wyeast3068Wheat10%Low75%64°F75°F
Danstar - Munich Classic Wheat Beer YeastDanstarWheat9%Low75%63°F72°F
Fermentis - Safale - English Ale Yeast S-04Fermentis / SafaleS-04Ale9.75%High75%54°F77°F
Danstar - Munich Dry Wheat YeastDanstarWheatMediumMedium75%64°F70°F
Levtec - Levtec - Teckbrew 07 - English AleLevtecAlesHighMedium75%64.4°F71.6°F
Fermentis - SafciderFermentisSafciderCiderHighHigh75%50°F80°F
East Coast Yeast - KellerbierEast Coast YeastECY28LagersMediumMedium75%46°F54°F
White Labs - Belgian Lager Yeast WLP815White LabsWLP815LagersMediumMedium75%50°F55°F
Wyeast - Denny's Favorite 50 1450Wyeast1450Ale10%Low75%60°F70°F
BSI - A-65 KolschBSIA-65German AlesMediumLow75%54°F64°F
Crescat Labs - CL002 Northern ShireCrescat LabsCL002Ale9%Medium75%64.4°F71.6°F
Wyeast - Thames Valley II 1882Wyeast1882Ale10%High75%60°F70°F
Wyeast - Rogue Pacman 1764Wyeast1764Ale12%Med-High75%60°F72°F
Inland Island Yeast - INIS-573 GERMAN HYBRID ALEInland Island YeastINIS-573AlesMediumMedium75%65°F69°F
Wyeast - Belgian Schelde 3655Wyeast3655Ale11%Med75%62°F74°F
Crescat Labs - CL010 Moravian ValeCrescat LabsCL010Lagers12%High75%46.4°F53.6°F
Lallemand - LALBREW® KÖLN KÖLSCH STYLE ALE YEASTLallemandKolnAlesMediumMedium75%59°F72°F
Crescat Labs - CL013 Cologne DefinitionCrescat LabsCL013Ale11%Low/Medium75%57.2°F71.6°F
Lallemand - Lalbrew New EnglandLallemandAlesMediumMedium75%59°F72°F
Crescat Labs - CL016 USA1933Crescat LabsCL016Ale11%Medium75%60.8°F71.6°F
White Labs - Copenhagen Lager Yeast WLP850White LabsWLP850LagersMediumMedium75%50°F58°F
Danstar - Abbaye Ale YeastDanstarAle12%Med/High75%63°F77°F
Crossmyloof Brew - Real Ale Crossmyloof BrewDY72AlesLowMedium75%62.6°F71.6°F
Brewferm - Brewferm TopBrewfermAleMediumMed/High75%64°F77°F
Escarpment Labs - Kölsch AleEscarpment LabsAlesMediumMedium75%65°F69°F
Imperial Yeast - L26 PilgrimageImperial YeastL26LagersMediumMedium75%44°F56°F
White Labs - Belgian Sour Mix WLP655White LabsWLP655AleMed-HighMed/Low75%80°F85°F
Lallemand - LALBREW® BRY-97 WEST COAST ALE YEASTLalBrewBRY-97AlesHighHigh75%59°F72°F
Escarpment Labs - Classic WitbierEscarpment LabsAleMediumMed-Low75%66.2°F75.2°F
Wyeast - Kölsch II 2575Wyeast2575Ale10%Low75%55°F70°F
Crossmyloof Brew - HazeCrossmyloof BrewAlesMediumLow75%59°F68°F
Wyeast - European Lager 2247Wyeast2247Lagers9%Low75%46°F56°F
Wyeast - Rasenmäher Lager 2252Wyeast2252Lagers9%Low75%48°F68°F
Crossmyloof Brew - MidlandCrossmyloof BrewAlesHighHigh75%55°F72°F
Wyeast - Berliner Weisse Blend 3191Wyeast3191Ale6%Low75%68°F72°F
Escarpment Labs - Hornindal Kveik BlendEscarpment LabsAleHighMed-High75%77°F95°F
Inland Island Yeast - INIS-298 SAISON : BARONInland Island YeastINIS-298Belgian AlesMediumMedium75%70°F78°F
East Coast Yeast - Belgian Abbaye ECY09East Coast YeastECY09Alen/aMedium75%66°F72°F
BSI - 3470 German LagerBSI3470LagersMediumMedium75%46°F54°F
BSI - A-07 German AleBSIA-07AlesLowLow75%55°F66°F
East Coast Yeast - Brett Blend #1 Anomala ECY04East Coast YeastECY04Alen/an/a75%70°F70°F
East Coast Yeast - Brett Blend #9 ECY05East Coast YeastECY05Alen/an/a75%70°F70°F
Escarpment Labs - Mexican LagerEscarpment LabsLagersMediumMedium75%50°F57.2°F
BSI - A-28 London Ale IBSIA-28AlesMediumMedium75%60°F72°F
East Coast Yeast - Brett Custersianus ECY19East Coast YeastECY19Alen/an/a75%60°F74°F
East Coast Yeast - Brett Nanus ECY24East Coast YeastECY24Alen/an/a75%70°F70°F
BSI - A-38 Old German AleBSIA-38AlesMediumLow75%60°F72°F
BSI - A-56 Chico AleBSIA-56AlesMediumMedium75%60°F72°F
East Coast Yeast - Farmhouse Brett ECY03East Coast YeastECY03Alen/an/a75%70°F70°F
East Coast Yeast - Munich Festbier ECY15East Coast YeastECY15Lagersn/aMedium75%46°F54°F
Danstar - Lalbrew New England East Coast Ale YeastDanstarAle9%Medium75%59°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - CL-50 Ale OYL-041Omega Yeast LabsOYL-041Ales10%Low75%60°F70°F
Escarpment Labs - Lærdal KveikEscarpment LabsNorwegian AlesHighHigh75%72°F99°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Kolsch I OYL-017Omega Yeast LabsOYL-017Ales10%Low75%56°F70°F
East Coast Yeast - Trappist Ale ECY13East Coast YeastECY13Alen/aMedium75%66°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Kolsch II OYL-044Omega Yeast LabsOYL-044Ales10%Medium75%65°F69°F
White Labs - Opshaug Kveik Ale Yeast WLP518White Labs WLP518AlesMediumMedium75%77°F86°F
Real Brewers - Lucky No. 7Real BrewersAle10%High75%68°F75°F
Real Brewers - The OneReal BrewersAlen/aHigh75%68°F75°F
Omega Yeast Labs - British Ale VI OYL-013Omega Yeast LabsOYL-013British Ales10%High75%63°F75°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Scottish Ale OYL-015Omega Yeast LabsOYL-015British Ales10%Medium75%65°F70°F
Omega Yeast Labs - American Lager OYL-103Omega Yeast LabsOYL-103Lagers9%Medium75%48°F56°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Danish Lager OYL-104Omega Yeast LabsOYL-104Lagers9%Low75%46°F56°F
White Labs - Sake #9 Yeast WLP709 White LabsWLP709SakeLowLow75%62°F68°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Oktoberfest OYL-107Omega Yeast LabsOYL-107Lagers9%Medium-High75%46°F58°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Swiss Lager OYL-112Omega Yeast LabsOYL-112LagersLowMedium75%50°F55°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Alt OYL-001Omega Yeast LabsOYL-001Ales11%Low75%55°F68°F
White Labs - Belgian Golden Ale Yeast WLP570White LabsWLP570AleHighLow75.5%68°F75°F
White Labs - Burlington Ale Yeast WLP095White LabsWLP095AleMed-HighMedium75.5%67°F70°F
Crossmyloof Brew - KentuckyCrossmyloof BrewAlesMediumHigh75.5%55°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - British Cask OYL-038Omega Yeast LabsOYL-038British AlesMediumHigh75.5%63°F72°F
White Labs - American Ale Yeast Blend WLP060White LabsWLP060AleMed-HighMedium76%68°F72°F
GigaYeast - German Lager YeastGigaYeastGY045LagersMed-Low76%50°F60°F
White Labs - Bedford British WLP006White LabsWLP006AleMediumHigh76%65°F70°F
Inland Island Yeast - INIS-572 GOLDEN KOLSCH STYLE ALEInland Island YeastINIS-572AlesMediumMedium76%56°F65°F
Escarpment Labs - KrispyEscarpment LabsKRISPYAlesHighHigh76%64.4°F86°F
White Labs - Belgian Wit Ale Yeast WLP400White LabsWLP400AleMediumLow-Med76%67°F74°F
Omega Yeast Labs - DIPA Ale OYL-052Omega Yeast LabsOYL-052Ales11%Medium-low76%65°F72°F
Wyeast - American Wheat 1010Wyeast1010Wheat10%Low76%58°F74°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Belgian Ale W OYL-028Omega Yeast LabsOYL-028Belgian Ales11%Medium76%64°F78°F
Escarpment Labs - Skare KveikEscarpment LabsAlesLowLow76%64.4°F86°F
Wyeast - Belgian Strong Ale 1388Wyeast1388Ale12%Low76%64°F80°F
Inland Island Yeast - Colorado IPA Yeast INIS-003Inland Island YeastINIS-003AleHighMedium76%62°F75°F
Crossmyloof Brew - KRISTALLWEIZENCrossmyloof Brew KRISTALLWEIZENWheatMediumMedium76%64°F82°F
Mangrove Jack - Liberty Bell Ale M36Mangrove JackM36Alen/aMed-High76%62°F74°F
Escarpment Labs - UberweizenEscarpment LabsGerman AlesMediumMedium76%64.4°F75.2°F
WHC Lab - Lagertha - KveikWHC LabNorwegian AlesHighHigh76%89.6°F98.6°F
WHC Lab - Ragnar - KveikWHC LabNorwegian AlesHighHigh76%91.4°F104°F
Wyeast - Trappist High Gravity 3787Wyeast3787Ale12%Med-High76%64°F78°F
Imperial Yeast - A24 Dry HopImperial YeastA24 Dry HopAleMedium76%64°F74°F
WHC Lab - OdinWHC LabNorwegian AlesHighHigh76%77°F98.6°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 103 Pacman AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 103AleHighMedium-High76%62°F72°F
Wyeast - Farmhouse Ale 3726Wyeast3726Ale12%Variable76%70°F95°F
Wyeast - Bier de Garde 3725Wyeast3725Ale12%Low76%70°F95°F
Wyeast - Flanders Golden Ale 3739Wyeast3739Ale12%Med-Low76%64°F80°F
Crescat Labs - CL007 Abbey's SellectionCrescat LabsCL007Ale12%Low/Medium76%66.2°F75.2°F
White Labs - WLP780 Thai Rice Chong YeastWhite LabsWLP780AlesHighMedium76%69.8°F78.8°F
Wyeast - Leuven Pale Ale 3538Wyeast3538Ale12%High76%65°F80°F
Crescat Labs - CL009 Trapeze TrappistCrescat LabsCL009Ale12%Medium76%66.2°F77°F
Crescat Labs - CL014 American CreamCrescat LabsCL014Ale10%Medium76%57.2°F71.6°F
Escarpment Labs - English Ale IIEscarpment LabsAleMediumMed-High76%65°F72°F
Wyeast - Belgian Dark Ale 3822Wyeast3822Ale12%Medium76%65°F80°F
Wyeast - British Cask Ale 1026Wyeast1026Ale10%Med/High76%63°F72°F
Escarpment Labs - Weizen IIEscarpment LabsAleMed-HighMed-Low76%64.4°F75.2°F
Escarpment Labs - St-Remy Abbey AleEscarpment LabsAle10%Medium76%64.4°F75.2°F
Escarpment Labs - Ardennes Belgian AleEscarpment LabsAleHighMed-High76%65°F76°F
Crossmyloof Brew - Real AleCrossmyloof BrewBritish AlesMediumMedium76%62.6°F71.6°F
Bootleg Biology - Brulosophy BlendBootleg BiologyAlesLowMedium76%50°F68°F
East Coast Yeast - Belgian White ECY11East Coast YeastECY11Alen/aLow76%70°F76°F
East Coast Yeast - Berliner Blend ECY06East Coast YeastECY06Alen/an/a76%70°F74°F
BSI - A-10 American White AleBSIA-10AlesMediumLow76%60°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - American Wheat OYL-002Omega Yeast LabsOYL-002Ales10%Low76%58°F74°F
Bio4 - Norwegian Kveik 2Bio4SY084Norwegian AlesHighHigh76%68°F98.6°F
Omega Yeast Labs - New Jersey Ale OYL-045Omega Yeast LabsOYL-045AlesHighHigh76%66°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Belgian Ale D OYL-019Omega Yeast LabsOYL-019Belgian Ales12%Low76%64°F80°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Abbey Ale C OYL-018Omega Yeast LabsOYL-018Belgian Ales12%Medium-Low76%68°F78°F
White Labs - Antwerp Ale Yeast WLP515White LabsWLP515AleMediumMedium76.5%67°F70°F
White Labs - California Ale Yeast WLP001White LabsWLP001AleHighMedium76.5%68°F73°F
White Labs - German Ale II WLP003White LabsWLP003AleMediumMedium76.5%65°F70°F
White Labs - German Lager Yeast WLP830White LabsWLP830LagersMediumMedium76.5%50°F55°F
White Labs - Hefeweizen IV Ale Yeast WLP380White LabsWLP380WheatMediumLow76.5%66°F70°F
Inland Island Yeast - Saison : Farmhouse INIS-291Inland Island YeastINIS-291AleHighMedium76.5%70°F95°F
White Labs - Best Of Both Worlds WLP200White LabsWLP200AlesMediumMedium76.5%65°F73°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 221 Belgian 1833 AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 221AleMediumMedium76.5%67°F70°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 222 Belgian Gnome AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 222AleHighHigh76.5%67°F75°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 251 Golden Strong AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 251AleHighMedium76.5%68°F75°F
White Labs - Berliner Weisse Blend WLP630White LabsWLP630AleMediumMedium76.5%68°F70°F
Crescat Labs - CL001 London's CallingCrescat LabsCL001Ale9%Medium76.5%64.4°F71.6°F
Crescat Labs - CL011 BayernfestCrescat LabsCL011Lagers11%High76.5%46.4°F57.2°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Belgian Dark Ale A OYL-040Omega Yeast LabsOYL-040Belgian AlesHighMedium76.5%65°F80°F
GigaYeast - British Ale Yeast #1GigaYeastGY011AleHigh77%64°F77°F
GigaYeast - Czech Pilsner YeastGigaYeastGY002LagersMed-High77%48°F55°F
White Labs - Belgian Bastogne Ale Yeast WLP510White LabsWLP510AleHighMedium77%66°F72°F
White Labs - Belgian Style Ale Yeast Blend WLP575White LabsWLP575AleMed-HighMedium77%68°F75°F
GigaYeast - Sour Plum BelgianGigaYeastGB123AleN/A77%68°F80°F
Imperial Yeast - B64 NapoleonImperial YeastB64 NapoleonBelgian AleLow77%65°F78°F
Bio4 - American Ale - SY025Bio4SY025AlesHighMedium77%59°F71.6°F
GigaYeast - Hornindal Kveik #5GigaYeastGY135AlesMediumMedium77%50°F100°F
Omega Yeast Labs - West Coast Ale I OYL-004Omega Yeast LabsOYL-004Ales11%Medium-Low77%60°F73°F
White Labs - Ringwood Ale: Strain 1187White LabsAlesHighHigh77%68°F72°F
WHC Lab - Ubbe - KveikWHC LabUBBENorwegian AlesMediumMedium77%86°F98.6°F
Wyeast - Thames Valley Ale 1275Wyeast1275Ale10%Med-Low77%62°F72°F
Danstar - Diamond LagerDanstarLagersMediumHigh77%50°F59°F
Danstar - Nottingham Ale YeastDanstarAleMed-HighHigh77%57°F70°F
White Labs - Brettanomyces Anomalus WLP640White LabsWLP640Wilds & SoursMediumLow77%70°F85°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Espe KveikOmega Yeast LabsOYL090Norwegian AlesHighMedium77%68°F98°F
White Labs - Hansen Ale Yeast Blend WLP075 White LabsWLP075AlesHighMedium77%66°F70°F
Wyeast - Trappist Blend 3789Wyeast3789Ale12%Medium77%68°F85°F
Crescat Labs - CL003 Bagpipes ChanterCrescat LabsCL003Ale10%High77%64.4°F71.6°F
Crossmyloof Brew - US Pale AleCrossmyloof BrewAlesLowMedium77%62.6°F71.6°F
White Labs - Bourbon Yeast WLP070White LabsWLP070AleHighMedium77%72°F77°F
White Labs - Scotch Whiskey WLP045White LabsWLP045AleHighMedium77%72°F77°F
White Labs - Tennessee Whiskey WLP050White LabsWLP050AleHighMedium77%75°F79°F
Wyeast - Canadian/Belgian Ale 3864Wyeast3864Ale12%Medium77%65°F80°F
Crossmyloof Brew - KölshCrossmyloof BrewLagersMediumHigh77%59°F71.6°F
East Coast Yeast - Baltic Lager ECY22East Coast YeastECY22Lagersn/aMedium77%46°F54°F
Escarpment Labs - Isar LagerEscarpment LabsLagersMed-HighMed-High77%50°F59°F
East Coast Yeast - Kölschbier ECY21East Coast YeastECY21Alen/aHigh77%58°F66°F
East Coast Yeast - Oud Brune ECY23East Coast YeastECY23Alen/an/a77%68°F74°F
East Coast Yeast - Saison Single ECY14East Coast YeastECY14Alen/aMedium77%75°F82°F
Omega Yeast Labs - West Coast Ale IV OYL-050Omega Yeast LabsOYL-050Ales10%Medium-High77%62°F74°F
Omega Yeast Labs - British Ale XI OYL-048Omega Yeast LabsOYL-048British AlesHighHigh77%66°F70°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Belgian Ale DK OYL-049Omega Yeast LabsOYL-049Belgian Ales10%Medium77%67°F70°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Belgian Ale O OYL-046Omega Yeast LabsOYL-046Belgian Ales12%Medium77%66°F72°F
Gervin Ale (by Muntons) GV-12-GV-12Alen/aHigh77%57°F70°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Belgian Saison II OYL-042Omega Yeast LabsOYL-042Belgian Ales12%Medium77%70°F84°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Biere de Garde OYL-039Omega Yeast LabsOYL-039Belgian Ales9%Low77%70°F84°F
WHC Lab - The WallWHC LabTHE WALLAlesMediumMedium77%60.8°F69.8°F
GigaYeast - Belgian Wit YeastGigaYeastGY028AleLow77.5%64°F80°F
White Labs - Abbey Ale Yeast WLP530White LabsWLP530AleHighMed-High77.5%66°F72°F
White Labs - American Lager Yeast WLP840White LabsWLP840LagersMediumMedium77.5%50°F55°F
White Labs - Cream Ale Yeast Blend WLP080White LabsWLP080AleMed-HighMedium77.5%65°F70°F
White Labs - Czech Budejovice Lager Yeast WLP802White LabsWLP802LagersMediumMedium77.5%50°F55°F
White Labs - East Midlands Ale Yeast WLP039White LabsWLP039AleMediumMed-High77.5%66°F70°F
Crossmyloof Brew - HøG-NORSKCrossmyloof Brew Northern European Ale YeastAlesMediumHigh77.5%64°F80°F
White Labs - Trappist Ale Yeast WLP500White LabsWLP500AleHighMed-Low77.5%65°F72°F
Inland Island Yeast - INIS-701 SESSION LAGERInland Island YeastINIS 701LagersMediumMedium77.5%50°F55°F
Mangrove Jack - Bavarian Lager M76Mangrove JackM76Lagersn/aMedium77.5%45°F57°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 101 Chico AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 101AleHighMedium77.5%67°F73°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 104 Hoptopper AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 104AleHighMedium-Low77.5%64°F76°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 201 Trappist Ale IRVA Yeast LabsRVA 201AleHighMedium77.5%65°F72°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 202 Trappist Ale IIRVA Yeast LabsRVA 202AleHighMedium77.5%65°F72°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 203 Trappist Ale IIIRVA Yeast LabsRVA 203AleHighMedium77.5%65°F72°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 204 Trappist Ale IVRVA Yeast LabsRVA 204AleHighMedium77.5%65°F72°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 301 American LagerRVA Yeast LabsRVA 301LagersMediumMedium77.5%50°F55°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 302 München LagerRVA Yeast LabsRVA 302LagersMedium-HighHigh77.5%58°F65°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 304 Czech LagerRVA Yeast LabsRVA 304LagersMediumMedium77.5%50°F55°F
Imperial Yeast - W15 Suburban BrettImperial YeastW15 Suburban BrettAleLow77.5%64°F74°F
Crescat Labs - CL017 Friar's StrongCrescat LabsCL017Ale15%High77.5%64.4°F75.2°F
White Labs - HP Lager Yeast WLP925White LabsWLP925LagersMediumMedium77.5%62°F68°F
Escarpment Labs - Anchorman AleEscarpment LabsAleHighHigh77.5%65°F68°F
Escarpment Labs - Brett BEscarpment LabsAleMed-HighLow77.5%80°F80°F
White Labs - Artisanal Country AleWhite LabsWLP073Belgian AlesMediumMedium77.5%70°F82°F
White Labs - Abbey IV Ale Yeast WLP540White LabsWLP540AleHighMedium78%66°F72°F
Levtec - Abbey Ale – TeckBrew 40LevteckBelgian AlesHighMedium78%66°F73°F
GigaYeast - NorCal Ale #1GigaYeastGY001AleMedium78%64°F77°F
GigaYeast - Portland Hefe YeastGigaYeastGY020AleLow78%64°F74°F
GigaYeast - Saison SourGigaYeastGB124AleN/A78%68°F80°F
Fermentis - Safale-WB06Fermentis / SafaleWB06AlesHighLow78%59°F75°F
Bulldog (Hambleton Bard) - Belgian Trappix (B19)Bulldog (Hambleton Bard)B19Belgian AlesMediumHigh78%64°F77°F
Bulldog (Hambleton Bard) - Steam Lager (B23)Bulldog (Hambleton Bard)B23LagersMediumHigh78%55°F68°F
Bulldog (Hambleton Bard) - German Lager (B34)Bulldog (Hambleton Bard)B34LagersMediumHigh78%48°F57°F
Bulldog (Hambleton Bard) - Bavarian Wheat (B49)Bulldog (Hambleton Bard)B49WheatMediumLow78%64°F77°F
Wyeast - Belgian Saison 3724Wyeast3724Ale12%Low78%70°F95°F
Omega Yeast Labs - C2C American Farmhouse OYL-217Omega Yeast LabsOYL-217Bretts and Blends10%Low78%68°F80°F
Levtec - Seljeset kveikLevtecAlesHighHigh78%77°F104°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Lutra KveikOmega Yeast LabsOYL-071Norwegian AlesHighMedium78%68°F95°F
Crescat Labs - CL012 Witty PrettyCrescat LabsCL012Ale10%Very low78%64.4°F71.6°F
Brewferm - Brewferm Blanche #Y015BrewfermY015Alen/aLow78%64°F73°F
Brewferm - Brewferm Lager #Y016BrewfermY016Lagersn/aHigh78%50°F59°F
Muntons Premium Gold-Alen/aHigh78%57°F77°F
Escarpment Labs - Vermont AleEscarpment LabsAleHighMedium78%66°F72°F
White Labs - Brettanomyces Bruxellensis WLP650White LabsWLP650AleMed-HighLow78%85°F95°F
White Labs - Coastal Haze Ale Yeast Blend WLP067White LabsWLP067AlesHighMedium78%65°F78°F
White Labs - Brettanomyces Claussenii WLP645White LabsWLP645AleMed-HighLow78%85°F95°F
White Labs - Brettanomyces Lambicus WLP653White LabsWLP653AleMed-HighLow78%85°F95°F
Crossmyloof Brew - FiveCrossmyloof BrewAlesMediumHigh78%63°F82°F
The Yeast Bay - Midwestern AleThe Yeast BayWLP4040AlesMediumMedium78%64°F72°F
Escarpment Labs - Munich LagerEscarpment LabsLagersHighMedium78%53.6°F59°F
East Coast Yeast - Scottish Heavy ECY07East Coast YeastECY07Alen/aMedium78%60°F68°F
Mangrove Jack - Bohemian Lager Yeast M84Mangrove JackM84Lagersn/aHigh78%50°F59°F
Mangrove Jack - British Ale Yeast M07Mangrove JackM07Alen/aHigh78%57°F72°F
Mangrove Jack - Burton Union Yeast M79Mangrove JackM79Alen/aHigh78%62°F74°F
Mangrove Jack - US West Coast Yeast M44Mangrove JackM44Alen/aHigh78%59°F74°F
Mangrove Jack - Workhorse Beer Yeast M10Mangrove JackM10Alen/aMedium78%59°F68°F
Real Brewers - The MonkReal BrewersAle15%Medium78%66°F72°F
Siebel Institute - Alt Ale BRY 144Siebel InstituteBRY 144Alen/aMedium78%59°F68°F
Siebel Institute - American Ale BRY 96Siebel InstituteBRY 96Alen/aMedium78%64°F72°F
Siebel Institute - English Ale BRY 264Siebel InstituteBRY 264Alen/aMedium78%59°F68°F
Siebel Institute - North European Lager BRY 203Siebel InstituteBRY 203Lagersn/aLow78%68°F72°F
Siebel Institute - Trappist Ale BRY 204Siebel InstituteBRY 204Alen/aMedium78%64°F72°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Belgian Ale R OYL-020Omega Yeast LabsOYL-020Belgian Ales12%Medium78%65°F75°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Belgian Saison I OYL-027Omega Yeast LabsOYL-027Belgian Ales12%Low78%70°F95°F
Mangrove Jack - Craft Series Cider YeastMangrove JackCidern/aHigh78%64°F75°F
The Yeast Bay - Midtbust KveikThe Yeast BayWLP4053Norwegian AlesHighLow78%75°F95°F
The Yeast Bay - Beersel Brettanomyces BlendThe Yeast BayWLP4603Wilds & SoursLowMedium78%70°F80°F
White Labs - Hornindal Kveik Ale YeastNorwegian AlesHighHigh78%72°F98°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 262 Saison IIRVA Yeast LabsRVA 262AleMediumMedium78.5%67°F77°F
White Labs - American Farmhouse Blend WLP670White LabsWLP670AleMediumMedium78.5%68°F72°F
White Labs - London Fog Ale Yeast WLP066White LabsWLP066AlesHighMedium78.5%64°F72°F
Escarpment Labs - Wild ThingEscarpment LabsAle9%Medium78.5%77°F77°F
The Yeast Bay - Vermont AleThe Yeast BayWLP4000AlesLowMedium78.5%64°F72°F
White Labs - WLP521 Hornindal Kveik Ale YeastWhite LabsWLP521Norwegian AlesHighHigh79%72°F98°F
The Yeast Bay - Simonaitis Lithuanian FarmhouseThe Yeast BayWLP4046Norwegian AlesHighHigh79%75°F95°F
Crossmyloof Brew - Californian Crossmyloof BrewCALIFORNAIN LagersMediumMedium79%59°F71.6°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Belgian Ale A OYL-024Omega Yeast LabsOYL-024Belgian Ales12%High79%65°F78°F
Imperial Yeast - A62 BellImperial YeastA62AlesMediumMedium79%65°F72°F
White Labs - Leeuwenhoek Saison Yeast Blend WLP564White LabsWLP564AleHighLow79%66°F75°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Voss Kveik OYL-061Omega Yeast LabsOYL-061Norwegian Ales12%Medium79%68°F98°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Hornindal Kveik OYL-091Omega Yeast LabsOYL-091Norwegian Ales12%High/Low79%70°F95°F
White Labs - American Whiskey WLP065White LabsWLP065AleHighMedium79%75°F82°F
Crossmyloof Brew - HellCrossmyloof BrewLagersMediumHigh79%54°F70°F
The Yeast Bay - HORNINDAL KVEIKThe Yeast BayWLP4050Norwegian AlesHighMedium79%80°F95°F
The Yeast Bay - Lida KveikThe Yeast BayWLP4052Norwegian AlesHighLow79%80°F90°F
The Yeast Bay - Funktown Pale AleThe Yeast BayWLP4627AlesLowMedium79%68°F74°F
White Labs - Sigmund Kveik Ale YeastNorwegian AlesHighMedium79%72°F98°F
The Yeast Bay - Saison BlendThe Yeast BayWLP4007AlesLowMedium79%72°F82°F
The Yeast Bay - Northeastern AbbeyThe Yeast Bay WLP4015AlesLowMedium79%68°F75°F
GigaYeast - Altstadt AleGigaYeastGY016AleLow79%55°F68°F
GigaYeast - Bavarian Hefe YeastGigaYeastGY017AleLow79%64°F80°F
Mangrove Jack - Californian Lager M54Mangrove JackM54Lagersn/aMed-High79.5%64°F68°F
Mangrove Jack - New World Strong Ale M42Mangrove JackM42Alen/aHigh79.5%61°F72°F
White Labs - San Diego Super Yeast WLP090White LabsWLP090AleHighMed-High79.5%65°F68°F
Crescat Labs - CL006 Saison's SeasonCrescat LabsCL006Ale11%Low/Medium79.5%64.4°F77°F
GigaYeast - Belgian MixGigaYeastGY007AleLow80%66°F77°F
WHC Lab - Funky PineappleWHC LabAlesMediumLow80%64.4°F82.4°F
Wyeast - Brettanomyces ClausseniiWyeast5151-PCWilds & SoursHighMedium80%60°F75°F
Bootleg Biology - BBXNPA - NEEPAH BlendBootleg BiologyNEEPAHAlesLowLow80%66°F70°F
GigaYeast - Scourmont Abbey Ale YeastGigaYeastGY014AleLow80%64°F80°F
Fermentis - Safspirit HG-1FermentisHG-1AlesHighLow80%77°F95°F
GigaYeast - Vermont IPA YeastGigaYeastGY054AleMed-Low80%62°F75°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Saisonstein’s Monster OYL-500Omega Yeast LabsOYL-500AlesHighLow80%65°F78°F
Omega Yeast Labs - HotHead Ale OYL-057Omega Yeast LabsOYL-057Norwegian Ales11%Medium High80%62°F98°F
Fermentis - SafSpirit™ USW-6 Fermentis / SafaleUSW-6AlesHighMedium80%68°F90°F
Bootleg Biology - Funk Weapon #1Bootleg BiologyBB0022B. bruxellensisMediumLow80%65°F75°F
Bootleg Biology - Funk Weapon #2Bootleg BiologyBB0035CB. bruxellensisMediumLow80%65°F75°F
Bootleg Biology - Funk Weapon #3Bootleg BiologyBB0022B. bruxellensisMediumLow80%65°F75°F
The Yeast Bay - Lactobacillus BlendThe Yeast BayWLP4682Wilds & SoursLowLow80%70°F90°F
Lallemand - LALBREW® VOSS KVEIK ALE YEASTLallemandVOSSAlesHighHigh80%77°F104°F
Escarpment Labs - Scotia SauvageEscarpment LabsAlesHighMedium80%65°F77°F
Imperial Yeast - F08 Sour Batch KidzImperial YeastF08 Sour Batch KidzAleLow80%68°F76°F
Wyeast - French Saison 3711Wyeast3711Ale12%Low80%65°F77°F
Wyeast - Roeselare Ale Blend 3763Wyeast3763Ale11%Variable80%65°F85°F
Imperial Yeast - A43 LokiImperial YeastA43 LokiAleMedium High80%60°F100°F
Lallemand - LalBrew Diamond LagerLallemandLagersLowHigh80%50°F59°F
Mangrove Jack - Kveik Yeast Mangrove JackM12Norwegian AlesHighHigh80%68°F104°F
Danstar - Belle Saison YeastDanstarAleHighLow80%63°F75°F
Bio4 - Superyeast High Gravity AleBio4SY042AlesHighMedium80%64.4°F71.6°F
Escarpment Labs - Cali AleEscarpment LabsAleHighMedium80%65°F72°F
Wyeast - Belgian Stout 1581Wyeast1581Ale12%Medium80%65°F75°F
Crossmyloof Brew - BelgianCrossmyloof BrewBelgian AlesMediumMedium80%64°F82°F
Imperial Yeast - A37 POGImperial YeastA37Norwegian AlesHighHigh80%85°F100°F
Escarpment Labs - St. Lucifer Belgian AleEscarpment LabsAle12%Medium80%68°F76°F
Imperial Yeast - A44 KveikingImperial YeastA44Norwegian AlesHighLow80%75°F97°F
Escarpment Labs - New World SaisonEscarpment LabsAle12%Medium80%68°F77°F
Escarpment Labs - Fruit Bomb SaisonEscarpment LabsAle12%Med-Low80%72°F81°F
Escarpment Labs - Ontario Farmhouse Ale BlendEscarpment LabsAleMediumLow80%71.6°F80.6°F
East Coast Yeast - BugCounty ECY20East Coast YeastECY20Alen/an/a80%60°F74°F
East Coast Yeast - BugFarm East Coast YeastECY01AlesLowLow80%60°F74°F
Escarpment Labs - Brett DEscarpment LabsAle12%Med-Low80%71.6°F77°F
Escarpment Labs - Brett QEscarpment LabsAleHighMed-Low80%68°F77°F
Escarpment Labs - Brussels BrettEscarpment LabsAle12%Med-Low80%71.6°F77°F
East Coast Yeast - Flemish Ale ECY02East Coast YeastECY02Alen/an/a80%60°F74°F
East Coast Yeast - Saison Brasserie ECY08East Coast YeastECY08Alen/aMedium80%75°F85°F
Omega Yeast Labs - West Coast Ale III OYL-043Omega Yeast LabsOYL-043Ales11%Medium-High80%65°F68°F
The Yeast Bay - Flanders Specialty AleThe Yeast BayWLP4001AlesHighMedium80%68°F80°F
The Yeast Bay - Framgarden KveikThe Yeast BayWLP4051Norwegian AlesHighMedium80%80°F95°F
The Yeast Bay - Brussels Brettanomyces BlendThe Yeast BayWLP4613Wilds & SoursHighMedium80%70°F80°F
The Yeast Bay - Lochristi Brettanomyces BlendThe Yeast BayWLP4623Wilds & SoursLowMedium80%70°F80°F
The Yeast Bay - Saison/Brettanomyces BlendThe Yeast BayWLP4626AlesLowMedium80%70°F78°F
White Labs - Lactobacillus BrevisWhite LabsWLP672AlesLowLow80%70°F95°F
White Labs - Stranda Kveik Ale YeastNorwegian AlesHighMedium80%72°F98°F
RVA Yeast Labs - RVA 263 Ghost AleRVA Yeast LabsRVA 263AleMediumMedium80.5%65°F80°F
The Yeast Bay - Sigmund's Voss KveikThe Yeast BayWLP4045Norwegian AlesLowHigh80.5%70°F100°F
The Yeast Bay - Brettanomyces Bruxellenis TYB261The Yeast BayTYB261Wilds & SoursHighLow81%72°F82°F
GigaYeast - British Ale #3GigaYeastGY041AleMed-High81%64°F77°F
GigaYeast - British Ale Yeast #2GigaYeastGY031AleHigh81%64°F75°F
GigaYeast - Golden Gate Lager YeastGigaYeastGY005LagersMedium81%55°F70°F
GigaYeast - Kölsch Bier YeastGigaYeastGY021AleMed-High81%60°F72°F
The Yeast Bay - Hazy DazeThe Yeast BayWLP4042AlesMediumLow81%64°F70°F
GigaYeast - Saison Yeast #2GigaYeastGY027AleLow81%64°F80°F
GigaYeast - Scotch Ale #1GigaYeastGY044AleMed-Low81%64°F75°F
Bootleg Biology - BBAUR – AURORA™Bootleg BiologyAuroraAlesMediumMedium81%75°F98°F
White Labs - White Labs - Hazy Daze WLP 4042White LabsWLPAlesLowLow81%64°F70°F
Fermentis - Safale - American Ale Yeast US-05Fermentis / SafaleUS-05AlesLowMedium81%54°F77°F
Fermentis - Safale - German Ale Yeast K-97Fermentis / SafaleK-97Ale10.4%High81%54°F77°F
White Labs - French Saison Ale Yeast WLP590White LabsWLP590AlesMediumMedium81%69°F75°F
White Labs - Neutral Grain Yeast WLP078White LabsWLP078AleHighMedium81%76°F85°F
East Coast Yeast - Northeast Ale ECY29East Coast YeastECY29Alen/aHigh81%65°F70°F
The Yeast Bay - Brettanomyces Bruxellensis - Strain TYB207The Yeast BayTYB207Wilds & SoursHighLow81%72°F82°F
The Yeast Bay - Wallonian Farmhouse IIThe Yeast BayWLP4022AlesHighMedium81%68°F80°F
GigaYeast - American Lager YeastGigaYeastGY030LagersMedium81%48°F60°F
White Labs - Belgian Ale Yeast WLP550White LabsWLP550AleMed-HighMedium81.5%68°F78°F
White Labs - Belgian Saison II Yeast WLP566White LabsWLP566AleMediumMedium81.5%68°F78°F
GigaYeast - Saison BlendGigaYeastGY047AleLow81.5%64°F80°F
White Labs - Belgian Strong Ale Yeast WLP545White LabsWLP545AleHighMedium81.5%66°F72°F
GigaYeast - Saison Yeast #1GigaYeastGY018AleLow82%64°F80°F
Bootleg Biology - OSLOBootleg BiologyOSLONorwegian AlesMediumMedium82%64°F105°F
Fermentis - Saflager - German Lager Yeast S-23Fermentis / SafaleS-23Lagers10.5%High82%48°F72°F
The Yeast Bay - Brettanomyces Bruxellensis - Strain TYB307The Yeast BayTYB307Wilds & SoursHighLow82%70°F80°F
Fermentis - Safbrew - Abbaye Yeast BE-256Fermentis / SafaleBE-256Ale11%High82%54°F77°F
The Yeast Bay - Dark Belgian CaskThe Yeast BayWLP4653Wilds & SoursHighMedium82.5%68°F75°F
GigaYeast - Achouffe Belgian Ale yeastGigaYeastGY003AleMed-Low82.5%68°F77°F
GigaYeast - Sweet Flemish BrettGigaYeastGB144AleN/A83%68°F75°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Brett Blend #1 Where Da Funk? OYL-210Omega Yeast LabsOYL-210Bretts and Blends11%Very Low83%68°F80°F
The Yeast Bay - Wallonian III FarmhouseThe Yeast BayWLP4023AlesLowLow83%68°F80°F
The Yeast Bay - Saison/Brettanomyces Blend IIThe Yeast BayWLP4636Wilds & SoursMediumMedium83%72°F80°F
Fermentis - Saflager - German Lager Yeast W-34/70Fermentis / SafaleW-34/70Lagers10.5%High83%48°F72°F
The Yeast Bay - Hazy Daze IIThe Yeast BayWLP4044AlesLowLow83%66°F72°F
White Labs - Flemish Ale Blend WLP665White LabsWLP665AleMed-HighLow/Med83%68°F80°F
Le Labo - Bruxelles TroisLe LaboLSB2013AlesHighLow83.5%69.8°F82.4°F
GigaYeast - Golden Pear Belgian Ale YeastGigaYeastGY048AleLow84%65°F80°F
Fermentis - Saflager - Swiss Lager Yeast S-189Fermentis / SafaleS-189Lagers10.5%High84%48°F72°F
The Yeast Bay - Amalgamation II - Brett Super BlendThe Yeast BayWLP4641Wilds & SoursHighLow84%70°F80°F
The Yeast Bay - Brettanomyces bruxellensis - Strain TYB415The Yeast BayTYB415Wilds & SoursHighLow84%70°F80°F
The Yeast Bay - Wallonian FarmhouseThe Yeast BayWLP4020AlesLowMedium84.5%68°F78°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Jovaru Lithuanian Farmhouse OYL-033Omega Yeast LabsOYL-033AlesMediumHigh85%70°F95°F
White Labs - Super High Gravity Ale Yeast WLP099White LabsWLP099AleVery HighMedium85%65°F69°F
White Labs - Brettanomyces Bruxellensis Trois Vrai WLP648White LabsWLP648AleMed-HighLow85%70°F85°F
The Yeast Bay - Saison Blend IIThe Yeast BayWLP4021AlesMediumMedium85%68°F80°F
Wyeast - Cider 4766Wyeast4766Wine12%Low85%65°F70°F
Mangrove Jack - Belgian Tripel M31Mangrove JackM31Alen/aMedium85%64°F82°F
Bootleg Biology - S. arlingtonesisBootleg BiologyBB22204AleMediumMedium85%60°F75°F
East Coast Yeast - Senne ValleyEast Coast YeastECY31Wilds & SoursHighHigh85%65°F78°F
Crossmyloof Brew - Lille SaisonCrossmyloof Brew AlesHighMedium85%62.6°F82.4°F
Wyeast - Saison-Brett Blend 3031-PCWyeast3031-PCAle12%Low85%65°F80°F
Lallemand - WildBrew Philly SourLallemandPhilly SourWilds & SoursMediumHigh85%68°F77°F
White Labs - Saccharomyces "Bruxellensis" Trois WLP644White LabsWLP644AleMed-HighLow85%70°F85°F
Escarpment Labs - Spooky SaisonEscarpment LabsBelgian AlesMediumLow85%77°F0°F
Escarpment Labs - Old World Saison BlendEscarpment LabsAleHighMed-Low85%71.6°F80.6°F
Escarpment Labs - Dry Belgian AleEscarpment LabsAle12%Med-Low85%72°F79°F
The Yeast Bay - BRETTANOMYCES BRUXELLENSIS - STRAIN TYB184The Yeast BayTYB184Wilds & SoursHighMedium85%72°F82°F
Mangrove Jack - Belgian Ale Yeast M41Mangrove JackM41Alen/aMedium85%64°F82°F
Bulldog (Hambleton Bard) - B16 Belgian SaisonBulldog (Hambleton Bard)BR16 SAIBelgian AlesHighMedium85%64.4°F86°F
Omega Yeast Labs - French Saison OYL-026Omega Yeast LabsOYL-026Belgian Ales12%Low85%65°F77°F
The Yeast Bay - Amalgamation - Brett Super BlendThe Yeast BayWLP4637Wilds & SoursLowLow85%70°F80°F
The Yeast Bay - Mélange - Sour BlendThe Yeast BayWLP4633Wilds & SoursLowMedium85%68°F78°F
Lallemand - SourvisiaeLallemandSourvisiaeAlesHighMedium85%50°F72°F
Fermentis - Safbrew - Wheat Beer Yeast WB-06Fermentis / SafaleWB-06Wheat10.5%Low86%54°F77°F
Bulldog (Hambleton Bard) - Belgian Saison (B16)Bulldog (Hambleton Bard)B16Belgian AlesLowMedium87%64°F86°F
Mangrove Jack - French Saison Ale M29Mangrove JackM29Alen/aMedium87.5%79°F90°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Gulo Ale OYL-501Omega Yeast LabsOYL-501AlesHighMedium87.5%68°F77°F
Lallemand - LALBREW® ABBAYE BELGIAN ALE YEASTLallemandBelgian AlesHighMedium88%63°F77°F
GigaYeast - Berliner BlendGigaYeastGB122AleN/A89%70°F80°F
GigaYeast - Farmhouse SourGigaYeastGB121AleN/A89%68°F80°F
White Labs - Champagne Yeast WLP715White LabsWLP715Champagne17%Low90%70°F75°F
White Labs - English Cider Yeast WLP775White LabsWLP775WineMed-HighMedium90%68°F75°F
Imperial Yeast - A40 BubblesImperial A40 BubblesCiderHighMedium90%57°F77°F
Wyeast - Brettanomyces bruxellensis 5112Wyeast5112Ale12%Medium90%60°F75°F
Wyeast - Brettanomyces lambicus 5526Wyeast5526Ale12%Medium90%60°F75°F
Inland Island Yeast - Brett Barrel Yeast III INIS-913Inland Island YeastINIS-913AleMediumMedium90%60°F75°F
White Labs - Sake #7 Yeast WLP705White LabsWLP705SakeHighLow90%70°F100°F
Bootleg Biology - Saison ParfaitBootleg BiologyBBX0104AleMediumMedium90%65°F85°F
Bootleg Biology - The Mad Fermentationist Saison BlendBootleg BiologyBBXMAD1BlendMediumMedium90%68°F80°F
Fermentis - Safale - Belgian Saison Ale Yeast BE-134Fermentis / SafaleBE-134AleLow90%64°F82°F
Lallemand - Belle SaisonLallemandAlesHighLow90%59°F95°F
The Yeast Bay - Farmhouse Sour AleThe Yeast BayWLP4675Wilds & SoursLowMedium90%70°F78°F
Omega Yeast Labs - Tropical IPA OYL-200Omega Yeast LabsOYL-200Ales10%Low92.5%75°F85°F
The Yeast Bay - Transatlantic Berliner BlendThe Yeast BayWLP4645Wilds & SoursMediumMedium92.5%66°F75°F
The Yeast Bay - TYB House Sour BlendThe Yeast BayWilds & SoursHighLow92.5%68°F78°F
The Yeast Bay - Dry Belgian AleThe Yeast BayWLP4025AlesHighHigh92.5%68°F74°F
Lallemand - Lalvin ICV D-47LallemandSaccharomyces cerevisiae var. cerevisiaeWineHighMedium95%59°F86°F
Wyeast - Dry Mead 4632Wyeast4632Wine18%Low-Med95%55°F75°F
Bootleg Biology - Sour Solera BlendBootleg BiologyBBXSSBlendMediumMedium95%65°F75°F
Mangrove Jack - M27 BELGIAN ALE YEASTMangrove JackM27Belgian AlesHighMedium95%79°F90°F
Mangrove Jack - M02 - Cider YeastMangrove Jack'sM02CiderHighHigh95%54°F82°F
The Yeast Bay - Pakruojis Lithuanian FarmhouseThe Yeast BayWLP4047Norwegian AlesHighLow95%75°F95°F
Fermentis - HA-18Fermentis / SafaleHA-18AlesHighMedium97%77°F95°F
Mangrove Jack - Mead M05Mangrove JackM05Meadn/aMed-High97.5%59°F86°F
Bootleg Biology - Berliner Blend *BETA*Bootleg BiologyWilds & SoursLowLow98%65°F75°F
Lallemand - Lalvin 71B -1122Lallemand71BMeadHighHigh100%59°F86°F