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Great for Beginners and Experts Alike

No matter your experience level, Brewer's Friend is there for you.

Pricing and Features:

We offer a subscription model for our cloud based recipe and brew solution. A free unlimited duration trial membership is available. Give it a try and see how much time it saves in planning and building your brews. Good recording keeping means brew sessions go smoother and the beer turns out better. Our brewing has never been more fun, and our beer has never tasted better!
The blog, printable brew sheets, calculators, and forum access are free.

Helps Beginning Brewers Get Started:
  • Walks you through the brewing process step by step.
  • Know exactly what you brewed, and how you did it.
  • See how ingredients factor into OG, FG, ABV, IBU, and SRM - the key stats of every beer recipe.
  • Replicate and build on your success.
  • Provides a place for detailed notes about your brews.
  • Start designing your own recipes and match to style.
Powerful Tools For Advanced Brewers:
  • Accommodates a range of brewing processes: Extract, Partial Mash, All Grain, BIAB, No Chill.
  • Scale recipe batch sizes up or down.
  • Detailed water requirements readout available in recipe tools menu based on the recipe and your equipment profile.
  • Tracks water volume and mash process.
  • Select your preferred equations (eg Tinseth, Rager).
  • Keeps track of your inventory.
  • Calculates actual attenuation and ABV.
  • Four types of efficiency: conversion, pre-boil, ending kettle, and brew house!
  • Hydrometer correction and calibration.
  • Supports Plato or Specific Gravity extract scale.
  • Target 'to the fermentor' or 'to the kettle' batch sizes.
  • Import and Export recipes in BeerXML format.

…or learn more about gift memberships.

…or learn more about gift memberships.

Complete List of Features

Recipe Builder

  • Complete recipe calculator.
  • OG/FG/IBU/SRM, yeast attenuation automatically calculated.
  • Supports All Grain, Extract, Partial Mash, BIAB.
  • Tells if recipe matches style.
  • Pick the equations and units you prefer.
    • Supports Plato or Specific Gravity extract scale.
    • ABV Equations – Standard and Alternate.
    • IBU Equations – Tinseth and Rager.
    • Color / SRM Equations – Morey, Mosher, Daniels, and EBC.
    • Metric or US units.
  • Ingredients:
    • Unlimited number of hops and grains.
    • Pre-popluated list of ingredients
    • Ability to specify custom ingredients and set the exact ppg and lovibond. Custom fermentables can be one off or configurable under your Inventory as 'Custom Fermentables' which appear in the recipe editor grain drop down.
    • Supports extract late additions.
  • Hops:
    • Supports Boil, Aroma, Dry Hopping, and advanced hopping techniques like Mash Hops, First Wort Hops (FWH), and Hop Stands (whirlpool and hopback styles).
    • Shows the IBUs, Utilization, and AAUs per hop addition.
  • Yeast:
    • Tells the optimum temperature for fermentation given the selected yeast.
    • Custom yeast attenuation.
    • Allows for a custom or second yeast to be specified.
    • Tracks yeast pitching rate, and ties into our yeast pitch rate and starter calculator.
    • Specify target fermentation temperature in the primary.
    • Pre-populated yeast list of 225+ types. The list is maintained by us for accuracy and convenience. We have all the White Labs and Wyeast products, including premium/private collection, whiskey yeasts, and lambic strains! The list also includes Fermentis / Safale, Danstar, East Coast Yeast, Mangrove Jack, Real Brewers, Siebel Institute, Coopers, and Muntons.
  • Scaling:
    • Ability to scale the batch size.
    • Ability to scale by efficiency.
  • Record Keeping:
    • Save recipes with your account.
    • Print friendly version.
    • Ability to copy/share/search recipes.
    • Record gravity in Specific Gravity (1.xxx), Plato (°P), or Brix from refractometers (with correction factor, and correction for alcohol).
    • Brew logs support temperature correction of volume and gravity.
    • Group recipes and brews into folders.
    • Detailed brewing report which shows over a given time frame how much beer you made, which styles you brewed, and the amounts of every ingredient used.
    • Target CO2 level in volumes or g/l.
    • Allows mash thickness to be configured per recipe.
  • Label Generator:
    • Choose from several pre-built templates. See example here.
    • Two different sized labels (for large craft bottles or standard 12oz/355ml bottles).
    • Shared recipes get QR Codes!
  • Inventory Tracking:
    • Track what ingredients you have on hand.
    • Store fermentables, hops, yeast, other ingredients, and equipment.
    • Track when your yeast was manufactured, what year the hops were harvested, and where these items are stored.
    • When you Brew, the system identifies ingredients from the recipe that are also in your inventory and updates the amounts accordingly (with an optional override).
    • Custom Fermentable ingredients flow through to the recipe editor grain drop down.
  • Shopping List:
    • Track what ingredients you need to stock up on.
    • Ability to add a recipe to your shopping list.
    • Ability to migrate from your shopping list to your inventory.
  • Brewing Notes:
    • A free form section where you can record notes and ideas related to your brewing.
  • Flexible Profile Options:
    • Setup your default brewing options.
    • Supports up to five equipment profiles.
    • Unlimited number of water profiles.
  • Extra features:
    • Complete BeerXML Import and Export functionality.
    • No Chill – Extended Hop Boil Time Supported.
    • Target 'to the fermentor' or 'to the kettle' batch sizes.
    • Supports brews with zero boil time, like mead or cider.
    • Pre-set water chemistry profiles,and ability to specify your own water profile.
    • Member contributed water profiles (see if yours is already listed)
    • Supports metric units and US units.
    • Ability to convert between Metric and US unit recipes.
    • Shows which styles the recipe matches with.
    • World timezone support.
  • Cloud Brewing:
    • Ability to copy recipes made by you or others.
    • Ability to share recipes (recipes are not shared by default).
    • Option to 'snapshot' a recipe when a brew session is created.
    • Create a profile to show off your brewing stats.
    • Mark if a recipe is award winning, which is a search field in the recipe database.
    • Automatically backed up to geographically distant data centers.

Brew Day Planner

  • After you have your recipe setup you can 'Brew' it.
  • Replicate your best beers more easily!
  • The system generates a set of steps to follow based on the brew method, the recipe, and your equipment.
  • Check off the steps as you complete them.
  • Calculates how much water is required for the brew (harder than it sounds for all grain brewing). Accounts for volume increase from sugars and extracts, early and late additions!
  • Water chemistry calculator for matching your source water to the target profile.
  • Mash calculator for strike water, mash thickness, infusions. Tracks how much water has been used. Shows how much water is left so you can accurately hit the target batch volume.
  • Ability to take 'snapshot' of recipe for that particular brew. The recipe snapshot can then be updated with any last minute detours or ingredient substitutions.
  • Brew timer that walks you through the brewing process step by step.

Brew Log

  • Journal for tracking events like gravity readings, volume collected, dates, and tasting notes.
  • Calculates actual attenuation and ABV.
  • Four types of efficiency: conversion, pre-boil, ending kettle, and brew house!
  • Tracks what phase the brew is in.
  • Supports hydrometer calibration, temperature correction, and an offset value.
  • Supports water volume temperature correction.
  • Input gravity in Specific Gravity (1.xxx), Plato (°P), or Brix from a refractometer (with correction factor, and correction for alcohol).
  • Supports Fast Ferment Tests.

Automatic Updates

  • We improve the system constantly. Since the site is cloud based, when we roll out an update, all users get it right away. There is no software to install, no headaches, just functionality. We have zero incentive to hold back features and force you to upgrade to the next version.
  • We want to hear from you! Our feature request forum is the place to make suggestions. The forum lets us gauge the interest, allows other brewers to chime in, and provides a way for everyone to track our progress. Whenever we launch an improvement that came from the forums we update the thread and mark it DONE!

Mobile web support

  • Brewer's Friend goes with you. Our site is optimized for smart phones and tablets. Access your brew logs and recipes from anywhere!
Brew your very best beer, every time, with Brewer's Friend.

…or learn more about gift memberships.