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    Title Style Brew Day Phase Type
    Bud LiteLight American Lager 2020-01-28 Planning All Grain
    fruity blondeBlonde Ale 2020-01-17 Planning Biab
    Cascade Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale 2020-01-16 Planning All Grain
    Nut BrownBritish Brown Ale 2020-01-08 Planning All Grain
    EvieAmerican IPA 2020-01-08 Planning All Grain
    Strawberry Cream Ale (experimental)Cream Ale 2020-01-08 Planning All Grain
    Monkey ButtAmerican IPA 2020-01-08 Planning All Grain
    Peach Cobbler StoutImperial Stout 2020-01-08 Planning Partialmash
    Golden StrongBelgian Golden Strong Ale 2020-01-08 Planning Partialmash
    Centennial blondeBlonde Ale 2020-01-08 Planning Partialmash
    Mosaic Imperial PaleAmerican Pale Ale 2020-01-08 Planning Extract
    CREAMY NUT BROWNAmerican Brown Ale 2020-01-07 Planning All Grain
    Brown Eyed BitchAmerican Brown Ale 2020-01-03 All Gone All Grain
    Spotted Clown (New Glarus Spotted Cow clone)Cream Ale 2020-01-03 Planning All Grain
    Cream your pantsCream Ale 2020-01-03 Planning All Grain
    Smashing Pumkin AleAmerican Amber Ale 2019-12-27 Planning All Grain
    Vanilla coffee porterAmerican Porter 2019-12-27 Planning Biab
    Blue Moon CloneWitbier 2019-12-27 Planning Biab
    Michelob UltraAmerican Light Lager 2019-12-26 Planning All Grain
    Bourbon County Vanilla RyeWood-Aged Beer 2019-12-26 Planning All Grain
    Nörden Bräu Czech Pilsner (Plzeň)Czech Pale Lager 2019-12-26 Planning All Grain
    Fat TireAmerican Amber Ale 2019-12-26 Planning All Grain
    Chocolate Imperial StoutAmerican Stout 2019-12-26 All Gone Extract
    Caribou SlobberAmerican Brown Ale 2019-12-26 Planning Extract
    Brown Eyed GirlAmerican Brown Ale 2019-12-26 Planning Extract
    Super Light One Gallon Watermelon AleFruit Beer 2019-12-26 Planning Extract
    StoutOatmeal Stout 2019-12-17 Planning All Grain
    White DogAmerican Wheat Beer 2019-12-16 Planning All Grain
    Summer AleBlonde Ale 2019-12-16 Planning All Grain
    Blitz Weinhard CloneStandard American Lager 2019-12-16 Planning All Grain
    Brewzilla 45l amber aleNo Profile Selected 2019-12-12 Planning All Grain
    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale CloneAmerican Pale Ale 2019-12-07 Planning All Grain
    Centennial BlondeBlonde Ale 2019-12-07 All Gone All Grain
    Fire Bones IIAmerican IPA 2019-12-07 Planning All Grain
    Strawberry Cream AleCream Ale 2019-12-07 Planning All Grain
    ' #1 Irish Red Ale (killians clone)Irish Red Ale 2019-12-07 Planning Extract
    "Beginner's Luck" OneHop Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale 2019-12-07 Planning Extract
    Yooper's Oatmeal StoutAmerican Stout 2019-12-07 Planning Biab
    Cascade SMASHAmerican Pale Ale 2019-12-07 Planning Biab
    Tap Room American BrownAmerican Brown Ale 2019-12-04 Planning All Grain
    Elysian Space Dust VariantAmerican IPA 2019-12-04 Planning All Grain
    Smithwicks CloneIrish Red Ale 2019-12-04 Planning Extract
    Goose Island IPA CloneEnglish IPA 2019-11-26 Planning All Grain
    Biscuits and HoneyExtra Special/Strong Bitter (ESB) 2019-11-26 Planning All Grain
    Billy-Bob SlobberAmerican Brown Ale 2019-11-26 Planning All Grain
    Caribou Slobber (All Grain)American Brown Ale 2019-11-26 Planning Biab
    DoppelbockDoppelbock 2019-11-17 Planning All Grain
    Minanora's imperial redAmerican Strong Ale 2019-11-17 Planning All Grain
    Alaskan Amber CloneAmerican Amber Ale 2019-11-17 Planning All Grain
    Smoky AmberAmerican Amber Ale 2019-11-17 Planning Extract
    Lighthouse Lager All GrainPremium American Lager 2019-11-17 Planning Biab
    Campfire StoutOatmeal Stout 2019-11-15 Planning Partialmash