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    British Ale Dude


    Join Date: 11/16/19
    Location: United States
    My Brewing:

    Equipment used:
    Malt Muncher 3 Roll Mill
    Anvil Foundry 10.5
    Anvil Bucket Fermenter 7.5 W/ Cooling Unit
    400 Micron Stainless Hop Filter with Adjustable Hook

    Right now I can tell you there has been a huge discrepancy between BF OG and my OG. I was overcompensating base grain in recipes for this reason so if you are looking at my recipes from 2019 scale accordingly. My target OG values were generally 12-17 points off from the BF recipe estimate.

    What i found is stir often, recirculate slow and extend mash times to get that all done in an adequate manner. I have gotten mixed results on sparging and for the efficiency gained (in my Anvil system) I am leaning more toward not doing it in most recipes.

    I am tending to max recipes to the capacity of the Anvil system (16ish pounds of grain) as it is all the same work to make a batch whether it is small or large. I scale water based on my target ABV.

    My Beers:

    A quest for making Fullers ESB and other related beers.
    I am also fiddling with making a coconut chocolate milk stout as well. The Oskar Blues Death by Coconut has spoiled me rotten in this regard.
    Sometimes a sale of ingredients encourages me to make something different as well.

    I only make public recipes and experiences that are amazing.
    I now add half a pound of flaked barley to every recipe to improve head retention and I can tell you if you are not doing that you should. Everyone has the right to nice laced foam clinging to the sides of their glass.

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