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    Join Date: 07/20/12
    Location: Leander, TX
    My Brewing:

    All Grain brewing in my garage, currently. Hope to have a brew station in my utility room in the garage someday, or a brew shed. Aspiration to become a small brewpub at some point in the future. Working on honing my skills now.

    My Beers:

    My focus is on high quality, delicious, high gravity brews. I don't do "light beer" because I see no sense in them. If I wanted a light beer, I wouldn't bother making my own. I'd just buy industrial "beer".

    Brew Breakdown By Phase:
    • Planning: 1
    • Brewing: 0
    • Primary Fermentation: 1
    • Secondary Fermentation: 2
    • Conditioning: 0
    • Ready To Drink: 2
    • All Gone: 3