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    Hammock Street Homebrewery


    Join Date: 08/26/17
    Location: Colorado Springs
    My Brewing:

    Newb to brewing since Aug '17, and average around three brews a month. I can say, I AM HOOKED! Dove right in to all-grain with both feet, and so far efficiency around 80%. Salt additions, yeast starters, kegging, Ph, and everything else. I want to learn it ALL.

    My Beers:

    So far, a Pale Ale, Oktoberfest, Brown Ale, Winter Ale, DIPA, Key Lime Pale Ale, Blonde Ale, Imperial Stout, another Pale Ale, a simple IPA, another IPA, Scottish Ale, Irish Red, Cream Ale, another IPA, another Pale Ale, clones, Wits,....

    Brew Breakdown By Phase:
    • Planning: 0
    • Brewing: 1
    • Primary Fermentation: 3
    • Secondary Fermentation: 1
    • Conditioning: 2
    • Ready To Drink: 2
    • All Gone: 41