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    Join Date: 12/10/14
    Location: Mansfield, Ohio
    My Brewing:

    I Started brewing In November 2014 at the same time my brother Bryon started brewing. We started with all grain Brew in a Bag. We went straight to kegging. We even tried filtering our beer from one keg to another and I filtered with a 5 micron filter cartridge using gravity down the stairs from the fermenter. I started with two 5 gallon pin lock corny kegs. I originally fermented in a bottling bucket but later switched to two 7 gallon buckets with gamma lids to seal them. I added a spigot and a fermomenter strip. I originally started with an 8 gallon brew kettle with two welded ports, one for a thermometer and one for a ball valve. It was a little small for 5 gallon batches and it forced me to do some sparging. I started on our gas stove and later for Father's day I got a Bayou Classic SP10 propane burner. That allowed me to go in the garage or outside. Then for Christmas 2015 I got a 15 gallon two weld port kettle. I was sick of using propane so for my birthday April 2016 I asked for a 23 tip natural gas burner. I then extended a gas line in my garage over to where I brew and converted the SP10 stand to accommodate the 23 tip natural gas burner.

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