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Hugh Hefe Hefeweizen AG (5.5 US gal)

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Summer is the season for light and bright beers. A favorite that is light in body, low abv, but full of flavor and complexity is the hefeweizen. Perfect for a thirst quencher and suitable for a twist of citrus if you so choose.

The following recipe is based on 82% brew house efficiency see an explanation of brew house efficiency here at Brewers Friend.

Style: German Hefeweizen
BJCP Guidelines:
OG: 1.044-1.052
FG: 1.010-1.014
ABV: 4.3-5.6
IBU: 8-15
SRM: 2.0-8.0

Recipe Targets:
OG: 1.046
FG: 1.011-1.013
ABV: 4.3%-4.5%
IBU: 11.8
SRM: 2.9
Volume: 5.5 gallons

Malt Bill:
Belgian Wheat 5.0 lbs
Belgian Pilsner 2.25 lbs
Rahr Pale 6-Row 1.0 lbs

Water Profile:

Ca: 250
SO4: 244
Mg: 23
Na: 69
Cl: 106
(carb): 170

Mash in with 16.5 quarts (2qt/lb) of water at 160F to rest at 152F for 60 minutes. This water was also treated with Five Star Buffer 5.2.

Mash out at 168F utilizing additional infusions or direct heat.

Collect 8.0 gallons (adjust to compensate for your own boil rate) at a SG of 1.031

Boil for 100 minutes with the following hop schedule. (Adjust your qty. to adjust for any difference in AA value)

Hallertau 5.1AA .6oz 100 minutes

Chill wort to pitching temperature, see an explanation of ‘no chill’ brewing here at

Yeast: WLP300 German Hefeweizen liquid yeast. Click here for a review of this yeast.
NOTE: this liquid yeast benefits from making a 1qt yeast starter with an OG of approximately 1.040. See how to make a yeast starter at

Fermentation Temperature: 70F
(NOTE: WLP300 ferments very violently, raising the wort temperature by 5-7F above ambient temperature, adjust ambient temperature accordingly)

Time in Primary: 10 days
(NOTE: WLP300 is a very violent fermenting yeast, use a blow off for at least the first 24 hours of the fermentation)

Carbonation: 3.8 volumes

hefeweizen in mug

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