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Other Ingredients

These ingredients can be used to clarify beer, fine tune the water hardness, flavor the beer, add certain textures, or be that secret ingredient in a holiday brew.

Gelatin Fining agent, used to clarify beer. Dissolve 1 tsp in warm sanitized water, cool, then pour into secondary fementer after racking.
Irish Moss Add 1 tbs during boil, helps proteins settle out of the wort. A type of seaweed.
Isinglass Fining agent, used to clarify beer.
Water Hardeners:   
Burton Water Salts Water hardener, used to duplicate Burton-Trent water. Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium Sulfates. For use in English Ales.
Gypsum Calcium sulfate, similar to Burton Salts used to boost water hardness.
Herbs / Natural Flavoring:   
Cardamon Seed Holiday/Belgian beer ingredient.
Chili Peppers Chili beers do exist. Experiment with caution.
Cinnamon Sticks Holiday beer ingredient.
Coriander Seed of the cilantro plant. Adds a bright citrus flavor, add 1oz or more, crushed, at end of boil.
Ginger Root Holiday beer ingredient.
Orange Peel – Bitter/Curacao Used in Belgian style white beers.
Orange Peel – Sweet Used to add orange flavor and aroma.
Paradise Seed Adds peppery, citrus and earth notes.
Flaked Barley Provides proteins, used in stouts.
Flaked Maize Corn that has been cooked and flaked, lightens the color of beer, used in American style lagers.
Flaked Oats Called for in some recipes, such as oatmeal stout.
Rice Solids Boosts gravity without imparting much flavor or taste (used in Budweiser)
Extracts:  Add after racking or before bottling depending on label. 
Hazel Nut Used in some holiday beers.
Malto-Dextrin Non-fermentable sugar derived from malted barley, adds body to beer.
Lactose Sugar found in milk, called for in small amounts by some recipes. Lactose is not fermentable.
Oak Chips Used to flavor beer in secondary fermenter.
Yeast Nutrients Promotes healthy fermentation for special recipes or starters. Normally not needed.

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