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All Grain OG, FG, ABV Calculator
Calculate original gravity, expected final gravity and expected alcohol by volume. Enter your volume of wort collected, batch size, grain bill, efficiency and yeast. Reports pre boil OG, OG, FG and ABV.
Batch Data:
Wort Collected (pre-boil): (Gallons)
Batch Size (after boil): (Gallons)
Efficiency: (%)
Yeast Alcohol Tolerance *:
  * Most yeast falls into the medium category.
This site has a table of yeast strengths.
Pounds Grain
  Estimated Pre Boil OG:
  Estimated Original Gravity:
  Estimated Final Gravity:
  Estimated Alcohol By Volume:

This calculator is for approximation purposes. If you are using a grain not listed in the drop down please send us feedback.

Thanks for using our calculator. You might be interested in the Complete Recipe Builder. It is a big time saver, easy to use, and you can try it anonymously. OG/FG/IBU/SRM/ABV are automatically calculated. Recipes can be saved, printed, shared, and brewed for complete record keeping.

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