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Mash Infusion, Strike Water, and Rest Schedule Calculator

Infusion mash calculator with rest steps. Use this calculator to find out your strike water temperature and volume, and if you are performing additional rests you can plan them out in advance.
Initial Infusion:

Grain Weight: (lb)
Water Volume Entry:
Mash Water/Grain Ratio: Quarts / Pound
First Rest Temperature: °F
Grain Temperature: °F
Boiling Temperature: °F * adjust for your altitude

Volume of strike water:
Temperature of strike water:

Additional Rests / Infusions:
Input additional target temperatures to find out how much boiling water to add to the mash tun.
Step Target Temp °F Infusion Needed Quarts / Pound

At this point the equation is basic, based off Palmer's equation found here. It works best for batch sparging. The limitations come from a single equation trying to model everyone's equipment (mash tun thermal properties), and varying processes.

NOTE: The strike calculator assumes your tun will absorb heat (a few degrees will be absorbed by the mash tun, this varies widely by the type of mash tun). Even if you 'pre-heat' the tun with a little boiling water, this may still be the case. Do not stabilize the tun at the strike temperature, and then add grains, or you will overshoot.
If you are doing a multi-step infusion, keep in mind the mash temperature will have dropped slightly during rest and you may need to compensate.

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