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Extract to Base Grain Conversion Calculator

Converts between LME/DME and base grain weights while preserving the same gravity. If you have a recipe using LME or DME and would like to convert to a similar amount of base grains (or vice versa); choose your type of extract and your estimated brewhouse efficiency, then enter the quantity called for and click Update.

Converting From:
Beginning Amount (lbs):
Fermentable Type:
PPG (Points/Pound/Gallon) (Default: 37)
Brewhouse Efficiency (%):
Converting To:
Fermentable Type:
PPG (Points/Pound/Gallon) (Default: 35)
Brewhouse Efficiency (%):

Final Amount (lbs)

Conversion Equation:
Final Amount = (Beginning Amount * Beginning PPG * Beginning Brewhouse Efficiency) / (Final PPG * Final Brewhouse Efficiency)

Legal Disclaimer: The Extract to Base Grain Calculator is for entertainment purposes and should not be used for professional brewing or wine making. No warranty or guarantee of accuracy is provided on the information provided by this calculator.