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Batch Statistics for Extract Base Recipes

Find out your original gravity, expected final gravity and expected alcohol by volume. Most recipes should have an original gravity (OG) of around 1.050.

This calculator compliments the Brewer's Friend brew day extract recipe sheet, which will help you keep records of your brewing process.
Batch Gravity Statistics:
Batch Size (Gallons):
Pounds DME:
Pounds LME:
Yeast Alcohol Tolerance *:
  * Most yeast falls into the medium category.
This site has a table of yeast strengths.

Est. Original Gravity (OG):
Est. Final Gravity (FG):
Est. Alcohol By Volume (ABV):

When the beer is finished fermenting, take a hydrometer reading before adding priming sugar. This is called the final gravity (FG). The difference between the OG and the FG can be used to calculate the actual alcohol by volume at this site using our ABV calculator.

This calculator takes a simplified approach and the results will be approximate.
DME is given 45 points per pound per gallon.
LME is given 37 points per pound per gallon.
Steeping grains are not considered because their impact is usually pretty small for extract brewers.
If you are adding honey add it to LME, if you are adding raw sugar, add it to DME.

NEXT: To calculate your batch's bitterness in the home brewing standard international bittering units (IBUs), see our IBU calculator.

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