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Beer Grain Color Calculator SRM
Calculates beer color in SRM. Tells how light or dark your home brew will be based on the amount and types of ingredients. Uses Morey's Formula.
Beer SRM Calculator:
Batch Size: (Gallons)
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SRM Morey:
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SRM Mosher:
EBC Morey:
Approximate Color:

The Standard Reference Method (SRM) is a number representing the color of a beer. Lighter values are lower and darker values are higher on the scale. SRM values over 40 are reported as black. This calculator is for approximation purposes and uses Morey's Formula to calculate: SRM = 1.4922 * (MCU ^ 0.6859). European Brewing Convention (EBC) is another measure of color and equals approximately 1.97 * SRM (Daniels).

If you are using a grain not listed in the drop down please send us feedback.

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