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    Join Date: 06/08/16
    Location: Florianopolis / SC / Brazil
    My Brewing:

    CabeçaFeita brings to you the real hand brewed beer, inspired by the nature and magic of the island of Florianópolis/SC - Brazil.

    Our beers uses only barley malt, hops, pure water and yeast in it’s composition, resulting
    in a well balanced beers, refreshing and incredibly tasty for you to enjoy your stay while visiting the island.

    Get Ready, Get Set, Get Stoked.


    My Beers:

    FlorIPA Faya - American IPA
    FlorIPA Zika - American IPA
    Massa - ESB
    Brisa - Weiss
    Manhaneira - American Wheat
    Xapa tipo Daime - Belgian Trippel
    Rataria - Red IPA
    Sabotage - Black IPA
    Teto Preto - Oatmeal Stout
    Lua Cheia - Belgian White
    Cabeçada - Pumpkin Ale
    RedVolution - Red Ale

    Brew Breakdown By Phase:
    • Planning: 1
    • Brewing: 0
    • Primary Fermentation: 2
    • Secondary Fermentation: 0
    • Conditioning: 0
    • Ready To Drink: 1
    • All Gone: 30
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