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    Rick Scully


    Join Date: 03/05/19
    Location: Tunbridge, Vermont
    My Brewing:

    I live in central Vermont with my wife, dog, 2 llamas, and 4 sheep. I helped found a local homebrew club in 2010, which (so far) has produced 3 professional brewers.

    I am currently (Spring 2019) transitioning from outdoor brewing to a dedicated space in my basement using an induction setup a few kettles and insulated coolers. I transfer water and wort via gravity and/or pump. I fly sparge, and I both keg and bottle. I am used to brewing 5-gallon (19l) batches, but as I grow older (I'm only 53!) I am trying to reduce the amount of lifting I have to do, so trying to incorporate the pump more as well as brewing 3-gallon batches.

    I am excited to have all of my equipment and ingredients in one place. Especially as it won't require carrying equipment from the basement to the garage -- across the driveway -- in Vermont winters. My wife and I do brew together occasionally, but we definitely talk craft brew and home-brewing together on our website and YouTube channel (

    I am also on Instagram ( &

    My Beers:

    I am only getting started in recipe creation and I like the Brewer's Friend tool. My good friend and neighbor, Scott Russell, is the author of North American Clone Brews and so with his book I would often use his recipes or his recipes with some changes depending on what we could get at my (now defunct) local homebrew store -- where he and I both worked. I like most styles, but my go-tos are hop-forward IPAs. farmhouse ales, stouts, porters, and saisons. I also recently started making my own mead and melomel.

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