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FREE Brewer’s Friend Windows Program

Monday, April 13th, 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of the Brewer’s Friend Windows App!

Free Brewer’s Friend Windows Program

It is a Free Program with the ability to export the recipes that you create with it to your account and also has the ability to import recipes that are have been exported from as well as loads of calculators, and the same ingredients that you would find on the website!

Here are some of the features:

  • Simple, Fast & Accurate Recipe Formulation
  • Save & Open recipes in BeerXML file format and Open Promash Recipe files
  • Fermentables Calculation can be switched from Percentage to Weight or vica verse “On The Fly” – Simple!
    Hop quantities can either be entered in Grams (g) / Ounces (oz) or by Grams Per Litre (g/L) / Ounces Per Gallon (oz/Gal)
  • Temperature support for both Celsius & Fahrenheit
  • Volume support for both Litres and Gallons
  • Colour Calculations in both SRM (Standard Reference Method) & EBC (European Brewing Convention)
  • Balance Value / BU:GU Ratio (Bittering Units to Gravity Units)
  • Save Recipe to BrewersFriend Account Feature
  • Boil / Mash Timers & Stopwatch (With support for Hop / Misc addition alarms!)
  • No Chill Bitterness Adjustment
  • BIAB (Brew In a Bag) Software Support
  • Brewday Mode
  • “Strict Style” Mode
  • Calendar for Tracking / Logging Beer Progress.
  • Forum Friendly text export (for sharing recipes that are easily replicated from someone elses brewhouse)
  • Export to Formatted HTML
  • Extensive database of Grains / Hops / Yeasts / Miscellaneous Ingredients (with the ability to edit or add your own)
    BJCP Style Guidelines
  • Many tools incuded (Efficiency Calc, Strike Temp Calc, Refractometer Calc, Gravity Correction Calc, Boil Off Calc, Water Dilution Calc,Carbonation Calc, Alcohol % / Attenuation Calc, Hydrometer Temperature Calibration Calc, Timer, Calorie Calc)
  • Backup feature (So you’ll never lose a sacred recipe!)
  • Portable (< 1 Megabyte) executable file (NO registry settings / bloatware / junk)
  • It’s FREE

Since we have just released it and it is fairly new, please let us know here in the technical issues forum area if you find any issues so that we can get them corrected!

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