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This Weeks Newest Features on Brewer’s Friend

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

It’s been a very busy week behind the scenes of Brewer’s Friend. We’ve been busy working on a lot of the great ideas and features members have suggested, and some fixes you guys have been waiting on. We also brought on another programmer to help us make some headway. Thanks for helping us make Brewer’s Friend better!

First in the way of new features is our redesigned front page. It had been sometime since we updated it, so new to the front page is shared recipes, quicker access to the apps, and some general information to help new members get started.

We also implemented a new Slide Ruler search so you can find the beer you’re after preciesely based on OG, FG, IBUs, ABV and more. This will allow you the brewer greater control and access to the recipe database that so many have contributed to.

We also implemented some changes to the way search works. You can know search by a list of ingredients in order to find a beer based on what you have on hand, and the new ability to search by fermentables. We hope you enjoy the latest additions to the search ability!

While I have you, don’t forget to upload photos to your Brewer’s Friend recipes. The drawing for Critter Cutters and a one year membership takes place Februrary 9th, so make sure you get your recipes updated now to be considered for the drawing. Here’s a link with more information.

Brewer’s Friend Supporting Membership and more Giveaway!

From everyone at Brewer’s Friend we hope you enjoy the new features and good luck in the drawing!

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