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1.07 Launched – Search, Dashboard, Late Additions

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Hello fellow brewers,
Please raise your glasses to the 1.07 launch of Brewer’s Friend!

This launch includes what you’ve been asking for – recipe search, late additions, and a brewing dashboard!

Recipe Search:

The Beer Recipe Search Feature is live!  Every category has a handful of recipes.  There are even a good number of metric recipes from our friends across the globe!

beer recipe search

Late Additions and Custom Fermentable Upgrade:

  1. The recipe editor now supports late boil additions. Late additions do not count towards boil gravity. This is important for Extract brewers who want to maximize their hops utilization.
  2. Custom fermentables may be marked as late additions and have their mash setting toggled. When the mash setting is checked, the ppg contribution is reduced by the mash efficiency value for the recipe.
  3. For convenience, PPG and Lovibond are displayed in the expanded view below the selected fermentable.

beer recipe editor

Brewing Dashboard and My Recipe/Brewing Filtering and Sorting:

The My Brewing Dashboard shows how many recipes you have created, how many times you have brewed, and provides links to items you worked on recently. Below the dashboard is a listing of your public recipes and how many times they have been viewed and brewed.

As part of this upgrade, the my recipes and my brewing page can be sorted and filtered.

brewing dashboard

Other improvements:

  • Recipe view page now displays the brew sessions that you have performed on this recipe (helps with navigation). Only you are able to see this information, even if the recipe is public.
  • Mashed hops count as a 5 minute boil addition for IBU calculation purposes. FWH is still 20.
  • Improvements to Brew Timer.
  • Increased size of notes fields boxes on recipe edtior.
  • The searchable flag has been removed – all public recipes are searchable. By default recipes are private.
  • The fermentables drop down will only show non-mashable ingredients for Extract style recipes. There were 82 recipes marked extract that had mashable fermentables in their grain bill, these fermentable items were converted to custom fermentables so they could be preserved. Users who notice this may want to move those items down to steeping grains.
  • Minor bug fixes.
Thought for the month:
Does adding green food coloring to Bud Light for St. Patrick’s Day make it okay to drink?

Stay tuned for 1.08 which will include more hoppy goodness from the team at Brewer’s Friend!

  1. 6 Responses to “1.07 Launched – Search, Dashboard, Late Additions”

  2. I don’t know how much work it would be, but it sure would be GREAT if the recipe builder could provide guidance when you have selected a specific style, entered your recipe and found that your ingredients and directions don’t necessarily produce a beer of the intended style. Perhaps some suggestions on IBU requirements, Color requirements or ABV to help a person hone his recipe to more accurately match the style guidelines.

    Just a suggestion.

    By Wig on Apr 2, 2012

  3. Hi Wig,
    Try the ‘More…’ button towards the right in the gray divider bar. That opens up a section of the screen where you can see what the stats are for the selected style. Sometimes selecting a different equation gets it within bounds.

    In General:
    More hops = higher IBU
    More grain = higher ABV
    More specialty grain = higher SRM
    One thing I have had to do is tweak the yeast attenuation value slightly to get the OG correct.

    The fun part is playing with it!

    By Larry on Apr 4, 2012

  4. Hi Larry, been using this utility now for over a hundred gallons of brew and find these calculators very accurate. I rely on these to assure myself that the parameters I choose in my processes will reflect in the product. I have been able to make consistent beers back to back.
    If I could suggest any future tweaks it would be advantagious to be able to enter the lovibond rating of the grains as according to the maltster that it has been purchased from along with any other specialty grains particular lovibond rating. Reason being is that I have been experiencing brews darker (or lighter) than the intended target. So if one was able to adjust the L. values, one should be a little more accurate with the final S.R.M.
    I am now playing with water chemistry and will use this calculator to adjust my local water(very soft), to that of the world the beer originated as I enjoy a real english bitter. Proof will come soon and I can post the results when discovered.
    Just a thought Larry, Great site, Keep brewin’.

    By John on Apr 21, 2012

  5. Hi John,
    Couple options here already built into the tools:

    1) Add custom fermentables (see the button in the fermentables box) and then specify a lovibond value of your choosing for an individual line.
    2) Open the ‘More..’ button on the grey section on the right and choose a different SRM equation.

    SRM is a trick one to calculate as you will notice by the wide range the available formulas report.

    Thanks for the praise and glad the tool is working out for you!


    By Larry on Apr 22, 2012

  6. Cool! Didn’t know these options were in front of me. There is probably more to discover as I become more aware of this utility.I will try the new calculations with my prized “BATCH 6” porter to see if it is in fact typical of the style. Also going to work on water chemistry, I’m sure this will be an interesting adventure.

    By John on Apr 22, 2012

  7. We are working on making water chemistry calculations easier. For now you can use the full blown calculator at

    Adding Gypsum for bitterness or Calcium Chloride for light smoothness is the way to go. Make sure you know what your starting water profile looks like.

    By Larry on Apr 24, 2012

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