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Complete Recipe Builder Launched

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Hello fellow brewers!

Great news, Brewer’s Friend has just launched the Early Release of our complete recipe builder!  We took our readers’ advice and leveraged the existing calculators to create a complete tool that allows you to input, save, and print recipes.  The tools can be used anonymously, but in order to save things you’ll need to Sign Up first. We humbly predict many a great beer will be designed using the Brewer’s Friend tools.   The current release will serve as the foundation of many future tools including a brew assistant (sounds sexy doesn’t she?),  water management tools, social networking, BeerXML support, mobile apps, the list goes on…

The existing calculators will stay exactly the same. The blog will continue to put out interesting and fun home brew posts on a regular basis.

During the early release users are granted free access to the Brewer’s Friend platform. We will eventually switch to a ‘Freemium’ model where use of the tools on a limited basis is free. The annual fee for full access to the system will probably be around $15.00 USD for one year of service. Sign Up for the early release is completely free, no credit card information is collected, and there are no obligations.

Current feature set:

  • Complete recipe calculator.
  • Supports All Grain, Extract, Partial Mash, BIAB.
  • Ability to save recipes to your account.
  • Ability to print recipes.
  • Multiple ABV, IBU, and SRM equations supported.
  • US and Metric Units
  • World Timezone Support

recipe builder

The Brewer’s Friend platform will eventually include:

  • Complete water volume management for All Grain brewers.
  • Ability to scale recipes by efficiency and batch size.
  • An automated brew helper with customizable steps, based on our brew day sheets.
  • Ability to log brew events, gravity readings, and automatically calculate efficiency.
  • BeerXML import and export.
  • Support for brewing kits from home brew stores.
  • Additional brewing equations.
  • Ability to search and share recipes.
  • Social networking features.
  • Integration with mobile devices.
  • Most importantly – Tell us your ideas!

Please use the comments thread on this page or the feedback page and let us know what you think!

To say thank you to early adopters, a discount will be made available when we go live.

Join and participate in the newest brewing solution built by brewers for brewers!

  1. 2 Responses to “Complete Recipe Builder Launched”

  2. For improvement? could you incororate a water adjustment calculator too?

    By Ron on Dec 20, 2011

  3. The plan is to integrate with our existing water chemistry calculator. There are a few things to get to on the road map before that like BeerXML, mash water management, brew assistant, but water chemistry it is scheduled too!

    By Larry on Dec 20, 2011

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