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Brew Day Checklist for Extract Recipes Posted

Sunday, March 8th, 2009

Dear fellow brewmeisters and brewmistresses,
We have just posted a new PDF file for download. It is a checklist of steps in the beer brewing process for extract based recipes. You can find it by linking to it in the upper right corner of the site or clicking on this link: Brewday Checklist. This one goes beyond the others we have seen in that it gets into some good habits right away, such as sanitization and recording keeping. It also includes some optional fun stuff like cold crashing and kegging that will help get the brewing to the next level.

I was inspired to build this the other day as I nearly forgot to add brewing salts to the mash tun! With this brewing checklist on hand, I won’t forget a critical step in the brewing process. It complements the recipe templates which can also be found in the upper right corner. These of course all fit well with the calculators we have published.

We are currently working on all grain and partial mash versions of the checklist sheet, and a partial mash recipe template. A water chemistry calculator is also in the works!

PROST! – Larry

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