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Amarillo and Brown Sugar IPA, 2008

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Amarillo hops impart a citrus grapefruit note to the aroma and flavor of the beer they are used in. This IPA recipe highlights the Amarillo hops and creates an IPA that is fairly mellow compared to some of the stronger IPAs.

This recipe is quite complex and deviates a bit from standard recipes. Using 6 pounds of DME, and the brown sugar later, I decided to dilute the primary to 6.5 gallons. Otherwise the beer would have been 6%+ alcohol by volume. This way there is more of it, but lugging the carboy around when it is full is harder.

After three days I added brown sugar directly to the primary fermenter. The sugar was dissolved in near boiling water and cooled before being added. This boosted the SG and darkened the beer slightly. It did not make the beer sweet since it is all eaten by the yeast. Adding sugar during primary fermentation is a trick to boost gravity. The yeast took off when I added the sugar. A blowoff tube was definitely needed.

In the secondary I dry hopped with more Amarillo. The results were awesome, this is one of the best beers I have crafted. Next time I will try a different type of yeast (this is the only thing I would dare change).

Target Volume (Gallons) 6.5      
Total Cost $39.51
Yield (ounces) 800      
Cost per 12 oz bottle $0.59      
Boil Time 60 min    
GRAINS  Pounds  Points/Gal  Total Points  Cost 
Extra Light DME 6 46 276 $18.00
Steep – 30 min at 150 F         
German Melanoidin 30L 1.5 15 22.5 $1.79
Light Brown Sugar – organic 0.5 46 23 $1.00
HOPS  Ounces  Alpha Acids Boil Time (min)  Cost 
Magnum 1 14.60% 60 $3.00
Cascade 0.5 6.00% 30 $2.12
Cascade 0.5 6.00% 15  
Amarillo 1 8.40% 15 $4.00
Amarillo 1   Dry, Secondary  

YEAST  White Labs California Ale     Cost 
Attenuation Low 73%     $6.95
Attenuation High 80%      
Optimum Temp 68-73 F      
Flocculation Medium      
Starter No      
Expected Original Gravity 1.049       
Expected Final Gravity Theoretical 1.01 – 1.013      
Expected Final Gravity Actual 1.01 – 1.013      
IBUs 39.13       
Apparent Attenuation 79.59% AA = 1 – FG / OG    
Alcohol By Volume – Theoretical 5.18%      
Alcohol By Volume – Potential 5.12%      
BREWING:  Squeezed out hops bags medium      
  ½ tbs Irish Moss at start of boil     $0.10
Water Source Wort Pure water filter – 3 gallon boil      
Water Source Dilution Pure water filter      
DATES  Date SG Cum. Days Notes
Brewed 07/27/08 1.049 0  Added ½ lb of brown sugar 3 days later (boosts SG by 0.005). definitely needed blowoff tube
Racked 08/05/08 1.015 9 Racked into 7gal bucket w/spigot. Nice clean bitter taste, can’t taste sugar, light body, no gelatin
Bottled (SG pre bottling) 08/15/08 1.010  19 bitter ‘hit’ has dropped off a lot, lighter flavor than expected
  Used half of the oxygen protector caps to see if there is a difference.
OK TO DRINK BY (60 days): 09/25/08       
Priming Method 5 oz Corn Syrup     $0.30
Caps, cleaners, etc
Container  Capacity  Qty  Total Volume   
Bottle 12 34 408  
Lagunitas 22 5 110  
Half Liter (Deutsch) 17 13 221  
Jug 64 1 64  
    Total Bottled:  803   
  08/20/08 24   A bit green but ready to drink, plenty of fizz and head.
  10/01/08 66   Grapefruit notes from the amarillo hops, nice balance
  10/15/08 80   I’m actually glad I diluted this because it is lighter drinking and I got more of it! I do notice a difference from the oxycaps.
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