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Beer Tasting Sheet Party Printout

To throw an awesome beer tasting party check out this printable beer tasting sheet! It is simple enough that anybody can use it. At the same time it teaches good beer tasting form such as evaluating appearance and smell before drinking.

Click Here To Download the PDF Beer Tasting Party Sheet

beer tasting sheet for party

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How to use:

  • Print out a copy for each person at the party who is participating the tasting.
  • Rate each beer by appearance, smell, taste, after taste, and drinkability. Then add up the total points for a maximum of 100.
  • This beer tasting sheet is to be used at parties with friends, so have fun with it!
  • If the beer tastes absolutely amazing give it 30 points for taste, if you want to spit it out, give it a zero!
  • Drinkability refers to how much the beer makes you want to have another sip. Try doing blind taste tests for even more fun!
  • For more details on tasting beer, check out our article on the Art of Tasting Beer.

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