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iPhone App Updates

Friday, February 3rd, 2017


We have good news for you mobile brewers out there today: we’ve released a new version of our iPhone app which is rolling out today.  The new version addresses a few important additions and fixes including:

  1. BJCP 2015 Styles – Yes; we’re finally catching up to 2015! :)  The addition of the new BJCP styles has been long overdue in the app.  As we did on BrewersFriend.com, we’ve kept the 2008 guidelines available, but by default new recipes will use the new 2015 styles.  Now when you sync recipes between the app and the online version you can rest assured the style will come over correctly.
  2. New Fermentables, Hops, and Yeasts – We’ve updated the app with the latest information and ingredients from our database, giving you more options in your mobile brewing and again ensuring your recipes sync correctly.
  3. Misc. Visual Fixes – There were a handful of annoying user interface bugs in the old version of the app, including scrolling issues where entry fields were hidden, buttons disappeared, etc.  We worked through a number of these to make the app more stable and usable.

It’s been quite a while since we last updated our app, but we’re committed to making these updates more frequently going forward.  Quite a few feature requests, bugs, and improvements have stacked up on our TODO list since we last updated, so we have a long list to catch up on.  Please stay tuned if you’re still having other issues or your feature hasn’t been added yet and we’ll be working hard to get through all of them.  Thanks to everyone who’s submitted feedback and for your patience as we update.  If you have additional feedback or bugs to report, feel free to use the links within the app to connect with us.


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