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1.05 is launched – Brew Timer

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

Thank you to everyone who wrote in with suggestions for improving 1.04. This release was focused on an innovation we created called the Brew Timer. More information on that below. We also made some basic user interface improvements (very small changes), added additional yeasts, and updated the scaling logic.

The 1.05 launch includes:

  • Ability to scale recipes as small as 1 gallon or 1 liter.
  • Added Fly Sparge and Sparge as options under Mash Step type drop down.
  • Added 10 additional Wyeast varieties (special release strains).

Advanced Mode in the Recipe Builder:

In case you have never tried it, the OG/FG panel expands and allows you to choose which equations are used to calculate ABV, IBU, and SRM. The expanded view shows the stats for the target style. The selected equations are customizable on a per recipe basis. The defaults can be setup in your account profile.

brewers friend recipe builder interface
Clicking on the ‘More…’ button (or the triangle on the far left) expands the advanced options for the recipe:

brewers friend recipe builder advanced

Brew Timer:

Currently in BETA (running inside an alpha release), we are proud to roll out the new Brew Timer feature in version 1.05. You will never need to worry about missing a step in the brewing process with this little beauty. First design your recipe then click on the Brew tab. From there click on the Brew Timer tab. This widget will walk you through your entire brew, start to finish, based on the step profile generated for your batch. It has built in timers! The mash steps, and each boil addition gets their own timer. Everything is planned out in advance, and you won’t forget to add your hops at just the right time. The Brew Timer is in beta right now, so we encourage folks to play with it but not rely on it at this point.

brewers friend brew timer

With the Brew Timer, no more printing out papers and no more fiddling with a clock timer. We would like to hear your suggestions on Facebook, via comments on this blog post, or through our feedback page.

What’s next:
The next release will focus on automatic calculation of Brewhouse Efficiency and ABV through the Brew page and Brew Log records.

  1. 18 Responses to “1.05 is launched – Brew Timer”

  2. Nicely done! I like what you’re doing here. I find tools like beersmith limiting since they are locally installed on the computer. Much better to have my recipes and logs in the cloud.

    By schammy on Feb 18, 2012

  3. Right on man!! Wait until we let you hook up your table device or phone to all your recipes, ingredients and brew log data!

    By Larry on Feb 18, 2012

  4. Hi Bill,
    Are you doing extract batches?

    We were thinking of adding a check box for “Add 50% of the malt extracts with 10 minutes left in the boil”. However it sounds like you are looking for more control, can you give me an example?

    This does impact the IBUs, by the way, since the boil gravity is lower.

    By Larry on Feb 19, 2012

  5. Loving it. Recipe builder and my brewing work great on my iPad. Need to add timing to the fermentables so we have the timing right for late malt additions.

    By Bill on Feb 18, 2012

  6. Great job! Used the brew timer this past weekend, and it was so nice! Keep up the good work! Android app would be cool, but no complaints here!

    By Lonnie on Feb 20, 2012

  7. Just tested out the brew timer last night and it worked out great. Thanks for all the work on the recipe builder and all the brewing tools!

    By Nick on Feb 22, 2012

  8. Where can i find the brew timer been looking dont know if i am just blind lol

    By Robert on Feb 27, 2012

  9. From a Recipe, click the Brew button and proceed through to the Brew Session page. On that page, there is a tab called ‘Brew Timer’.

    By Larry on Feb 27, 2012

  10. Thanks Larry, it’s a great new tool to make everything easier and fluid. I don’t know if I will be able to brew without it now!!!

    By Brian on Feb 27, 2012

  11. That’s what we like to hear!!! Glad you are enjoying it.

    By Larry on Feb 27, 2012

  12. I cant wait to use this thing!

    Good idea with the 50% extract idea.

    Is it possible to have the recipe builder tell you what type of style you have created based upon the ingredients in the recipe? Rather than picking the style and then inputting ingredients to determine if it matches that selected style.

    Just an idea.

    By PB on Feb 27, 2012

  13. That’s a cool idea PB, I’ll add it to the TODO list.

    By Larry on Feb 27, 2012

  14. Used the timer yesterday. I must say i couldn’t find the start anywhere so used my own timer at first. I then noticed it, duh. Blended in a bit though, just an fyi.

    By Paul on Mar 4, 2012

  15. We are going to improve the UI of the timer here in the next few releases, and add a more prominent button so users can find it.

    By Larry on Mar 4, 2012

  16. Another extract brewer here. Using late additions as well in the boil, so that option would be nice! In response to one of the posts above about examples for late additions to the boil…in my latest batch I added 75% of my extract (LME) with 20 mins left (60 min boil). To complicate this, I started with DME. I mix the two simply because that is what I have on hand (logistical reasons), but understand the properties of the two are different. Honestly, great job with the timer and site overall. I’d be happy with a couple of options (i.e. 50% addition as mentioned and another late in the boil for lighter beers, simply to approximate.

    By Matty on Mar 7, 2012

  17. We are adding a ‘late addition’ checkbox that will appear next to each fermentable for extract and partial mash style brews. Late additions will not count towards the boil gravity. Look for it in 1.07 which will a launch in the near future!

    By Larry on Mar 7, 2012

  18. +1 for allowing split extract additions. It would be nice to figure that into the calculations.

    Also, for the timer, great idea.
    1. Allow user defined or configurable events (i.e. get smack pack out, get starter out)
    2. custom sizing for window, or allow sidebar to be bigger. I just like to see a complete list. But the large highlighting with check marks is great.

    Also, user defined ingredients would be nice. My LHBS has some different names for specialty grains and acid levels are different on some hops.

    By Eric on Mar 13, 2012

  19. Hi Eric,
    We are working on getting Late Additions into the 1.07 release without cluttering up the UI.

    Timer suggestions are noted. It was actually designed to setup configurable events, so the first floor is built. We also really want it to work well on phones and tablets without having to zoom!

    As for user defined ingredients, that is already supported. Try the ‘Add Custom’ button in the fermentables box. For Hops, since AA varies year to year, field to field even, the AA can be entered directly for each line. The system provides a default AA for convenience only.

    By Larry on Mar 13, 2012

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