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Yeast Pitch Calculator for iOS 7 launched

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Our popular Yeast Pitch Calculator is now available in the App Store for iOS7!

Brewers Friend - Available on the App Store

This is a port of our popular web based Yeast Pitch Calculator, now available for iPhone iOS7.

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Sierra Nevada Torpedo

Pitch your yeast like the pro’s do with this easy to use calculator that supports dry yeast, liquid yeast, slurry, and starters. Calculates liquid yeast viability based on manufactured date. You get to choose your desired pitch rate in million cells / milliliter of wort / degree plato. Also calculates how big of a starter to make and how much DME to add to that starter. Up to three step-ups are supported, so you can even start from a yeast slant! Two different growth curves are supported. The first comes from recently published research at Braukaiser, and the second from a study by Chris White.

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