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February Release is Live – iPhone App 1.0, Label Generator, QR Codes, Share Recipe by Link

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

Lots of goodies in the February release:

The Brewer’s Friend iPhone app is now available on the App Store!

Version 1.0 is out. This initial version supports recipe creation and a basic brew feature with logs. The plan is to build towards feature equivalency with the cloud application (inventory, shopping list, etc) and support data sync between the two. We are working on 1.1 which will include a custom brew timer designed for iPhone. The groundwork for the data sync has also been built into the backend.

Brewers Friend - Available on the App Store

The price is currently $5.99.  As it is, we feel it is competitive with other apps out there, and it will only get better!  Eventually we will raise the price after data sync and a few other features are built in. If you buy now, you will be locked in at the low price!

Brewer's Friend iPhone App 1.0 screen shots

A new ‘recipe tools’ menu has been introduced to hold all the new features of this release, and it is designed to be expandable.

The new menu appears on the Recipe Edit and Recipe View pages:

recipe tools menu

Add Recipe to Shopping List:

In the tools menu, there is a button for ‘Add Recipe to Shopping List’. This lets you load the recipe into your shopping list, but you can adjust things before proceeding:

add recipe to shopping list

Basic Label Generator Launched and QR Codes:

Accessible from the Recipe Tools menu, a label generator is now built into the system with 6 different templates. They are pretty generic to start with but we see this getting more attention in a future release. Labels look best with your profile picture on them.

Here is a live example.

recipe label generator

Shared recipes automatically get a QR code on the recipe view page and the label generator. For those of you who are new to QR codes, they are similar to a barcode. Smart phones have a way of scanning the QR code and following the link to the recipe page.  Pretty neat way to share the recipe at club meetings!

beer recipe QR code

Advanced Mash Chemistry and Brewing Water Calculator, version 1.3 posted:

Kaiser from developed the state of the art backend engine the water calculator uses. It now supports saving, reloading, and sharing by URL. We are working on integrating the water calculator with the recipe editor and your account’s water profile!

Mash Chemistry and Brewing Water Calculator

Quick Water Requirements available from Recipe Tools:

Another new feature accessed from the Recipe Tools menu is a quick dialog that computes water volume requirements for the recipe.  It uses a combination of the recipe’s grain bill, the brew method, and your profile settings to compute the numbers.

recipe water requirements tool

Recipes can be shared by URL, independently of being added to searchable recipe database:

This is handy if you want to share a recipe, but not add it to the search results.

recipe share dialog

Other updates:

  • BU/GU ratio appears under the More… section on the recipe editor.
  • Other Ingredients get a sort button on the recipe editor.
  • Additional BeerXML import pattern matches for yeast and style names.
  • Brew Session Updates:
    • Fast Ferment Test results displays potential ABV.
    • Ability to edit brew date under ‘Edit’ tab.
    • Displays “days since brew date” at top of brew session page.
    • Links to priming sugar, keg pressure, and label generator added.
  • Fixed rotation on jpegs taken from tablets/phones that have the EXIF rotation set.
  • Minor platform specific bug fixes.

The feature request forum is a great place to track our progress. Thanks for reading and Happy Brewing!

  1. 2 Responses to “February Release is Live – iPhone App 1.0, Label Generator, QR Codes, Share Recipe by Link”

  2. Will the calculators be incorporated into the iPhone App? It’s worth $5.99 just for that.

    By Nick on Feb 21, 2013

  3. It will be the recipe editor, brew feature, and brew logs to start with.

    We have some of the stand alone calculators converted too, but those would be integrated in a later release. You may want to post in our new iPhone discussion forum:

    By Larry on Feb 26, 2013

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