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DIY Project – The Beer Wagon teaser

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Ever get tired of lugging a full carboy around? I sure do. I bought some straps that help to lift the carboy, but it is still a chore. I brew in the garage and ferment in a spare bedroom. It is a pretty long way between the two. Then I pull the carboy out and bring it into the kitchen for bottling or racking. To make life easier, I started building a beer wagon.

Whoever invented the wheel was an idiot. Whoever invented the axel was a genius.

Here is a snap of the build so far:

beer wagon

It will handle a 6.5 gallon carboy with ease. All it needs is more railing, the casters, and a few coats of finish. I have a scrap of linoleum for the base so it will be easy to clean and be pretty durable.

I’ll post more pics, dimensions, and examples of it in use when I get it completed.

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