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Order Hops Rhizomes Soon

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

Thinking of growing hops? Now is the time to start ordering rhizomes for 2009. They sell out fast so order soon. Planting happens in the spring time.

In the first year the yield will be small. Only in the second year does the plant really take off and yield up to several pounds of hops. This is why it pays to get started early with this aspect of the home brewing hobby.

The plants should be put about five feet apart. On farms they are planted in a 7’x7′ grid, but that is mostly to allow room for harvesting equipment. The vines will want to climb, so setting up a trellis is needed if you are not planting near something they can climb up. A length of twine is usually strung from as high as 18 feet to the base of the plant to allow the two strongest shoots to wrap around.

More to come on hops growing at this site!

Sources of rhizomes:
Google search

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