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Homegrown Hops– By David R. Beach

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Homegrown Hops– By David R. Beach
An Illustrated How-To-Do-It Manual

The book is written by a native to Oregon and a fellow home brewer who decided to start growing his own hops back in the 1980’s in the Willamette valley. Oregon, Washington, and Idaho are the best places in the United States to grow hops. The book covers all the details, from setting up the hops yard and trellis, buying the rhizomes and planting, to care, harvesting, and drying. Only 100 pages, it is concise, provides black and white photos, and is true to its title. The book is now sadly out of print. My library had it and that was how I was able to get a copy.

Topics unique to this book:

  • Setting up the hop yard
  • Planting and propagating hops
  • Care for hops
  • Necessary soil nutrients for hops
  • Protecting hops from disease and pests
  • Harvesting hops
  • Drying hops, and plans for a home made drying system

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