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Congrats to all the Winners!

Monday, February 9th, 2015

It’s February 9th, and if you’ve been following our blog or social media accounts you know today marks the end of the first Brewer’s Friend giveaway!

We asked everyone to go back and update an existing recipe, or create a new recipe using one of our newest features, the addition of images!

231 of you added images. That’s quite the turn out!

The winners for this giveaway were selected using a random number generator. From our database I collected the username and emails of everyone who added an image to recipes, then added those members to a spreadsheet. The row number is your entry number. selected

225 – bret america
20 – chrisvdp
134 – otrum
157 – Branko
84 – kryanx

These are usernames associated with the account. We will be personally contacting all five winners to let them know they have won. I will need your address to ship out the Critter Cutters, but I have gone ahead and applied a one year subscription to the winner’s accounts providing them full access to Brewer’s Friend over the next year.

We really appreciate everyone who took the time to get entered. The addition of photos to recipes is just one of the ways we’re living up to our motto “Brew with Total Confidence”.

From everyone behind the scenes at Brewer’s Friend we thank you for your support and keep an eye out. We will be releasing new giveaways as we release new features!

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