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December 2012 Release is Live!

Friday, December 14th, 2012

We now support BeerXML import and export! An inventory deduction option is now available when you go to Brew a recipe. We also addressed several items in the Feature Request Forum from fellow brewers.


BeerXML is an interchange format for moving recipes between brewing software packages. We support the version 1.0 spec. The 2.0 spec appears to be in limbo.

To Import BeerXML:

Look for the Import BeerXML link under the ‘New Beer Recipe’ navigation menu at the top.

BeerXML import

It gives you the option of bringing in unrecognized fermentables as inventory custom fermentables. You may upload a file with multiple recipes in it. Trial users – recipes imported from BeerXML count towards your 5 recipe trial limit.

To Export to BeerXML:

On the view recipe page, there is an option under the export tab.

BeerXML export

BeerXML results:

Expect to see minor differences in recipe stats when moving between programs. This is caused by different brewing equations, rounding, etc. Make sure to double check every field, especially batch size, efficiency, and grain ppgs. For example, Brew Target wants to set its own batch size based on equipment, which can really throw off a recipe’s stats.

If you are getting confused by the results of an import or export, we are happy to look into differences with you. Please use the Contact Us page.

Inventory Deductions:

When you go to create a brew session, if the system detects any matches between your inventory and the recipe, a new table will appear.

Brewing inventory deduction automatic

The screen gives you the opportunity to override the final inventory balances that will result. It covers grains, hops, yeast, and other ingredients. The only thing it doesn’t cover is priming sugar (unless you add it as an other ingredient).

The logic is extensive in terms of converting between all the possible unit types. For example, a grain in your inventory could be in pounds, but the recipe calls for ounces – the inventory deduction logic will handle that. It can even do corner cases like converting from teaspoons to liters.

For more information, see the Inventory Deduction FAQ.

Other features launched:

  • Hop IBUs appear as column on view recipe page.
  • Linked snapshot recipes and related brew sessions appear on recipe view page.
  • Ability to print inventory. Look for the print button next to the add button on the inventory page.
  • Ability to add a comment to the mash calculator log in the brew session feature.
  • Updated notes on the mash calculator section in the brew session feature. This is in regards to strike temperature calculation accuracy. It was about 10F low for me last brew session, but it was pretty cold in the shed (50F). I do not think the current equation captures ambient temperature very well. Being that far off is not acceptable to us, and a number of you have also noticed this. We are looking into improving that feature!
  • Batch code appears next to brew sessions on dash board.
  1. One Response to “December 2012 Release is Live!”

  2. Just posted a small follow on to this release. Fast Ferment Test brew log type, water volume temp correction in brew log entry screen, and the racked/sample brew log types will compute attenuation and abv ‘in progress’.

    See the feature request forum for details:

    By Larry on Dec 19, 2012

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