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German Kolsh Ale, 2008

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

White labs offers a Klösh yeast for making a German ale. It is not as robust as a lager, this beer is light and a bit sweet. It’s a respectable easy drinking beer. If you want to lighten it up even more (like Budweiser or Coors), try substituting a pound of rice solids in place of a pound of DME. For me, it is so light there is no need to take it further. This is a great beer to brew for your first time. It is very simple with only one hop addition at the beginning.

Target Volume (Gallons) 5      
Total Cost $29.45
Yield (ounces) 630      
Cost per 12 oz bottle $0.56      
Boil Time 60 min    
GRAINS  Pounds  Points/Gal  Total Points  Cost 
Light DME 5 46 230 $15.00
Steep – 30 min at 150 F         
German Pilsner Malt 0.5 28 14 $1.00
HOPS  Ounces  Alpha Acids Boil Time (min)  Cost 
Domestic Hallertau 2 3.90% 60 $4.25

YEAST  White Labs German Ale Kölsh Yeast     Cost 
Attenuation Low 72%     $6.65
Attenuation High 78%      
Optimum Temp 65-69 F      
Flocculation Medium      
Starter No      
Expected Original Gravity 1.049       
Expected Final Gravity Theoretical 1.011 – 1.014      
Expected Final Gravity Actual 1.01 – 1.012      
IBUs 21.85       
Apparent Attenuation 75.00% AA = 1 – FG / OG    
Alcohol By Volume – Theoretical 4.96%      
Alcohol By Volume – Potential 4.33%      
BREWING:  Squeezed out hops bags medium      
  ½ tbs Irish Moss at start of boil     $0.10
Water Source Wort Pure water filter – 3 gallon boil      
Water Source Dilution Pure water filter      
At racking, gelatin as a clarifier       $0.20
DATES  Date SG Cum. Days Notes
Brewed 06/13/08 1.044 0   
Racked 06/23/08 1.012 10 Added ½ tsp gelatin, lighter in color, tastes bready excellent, no syrupy flavor
Bottled (SG pre bottling) 07/01/08 1.011  18 Wow that takes awesome, crisp, not carmely at all, light mild bitter finish
OK TO DRINK BY (60 days): 08/12/08       
Priming Method 5 oz Corn Syrup (1 cup)     $0.50
Caps, cleaners, etc
Container  Capacity  Qty  Total Volume   
Bottle 12 11 132  
Corny Keg        
    Total Bottled:  132   
  07/04/08 21 Put it on tap, could not resist to try, tastes weak and sweet, need to wait more  
  07/20/08 37 This is getting less sweet, very clear and light colored.  
  08/08/08 56 Everybody likes this beer, it is light flavored, a bit sweet, very refreshing.  
  08/15/08 63 Refreshing crisp and light, beer is improving with age.  
  09/15/08 84 Sweetness has let up a lot, very refreshing and thirst quenching.  

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