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Standards of Brewing – By Charles W. Bamforth, Ph.D, D.Sc.

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Standards of Brewing – By Charles W. Bamforth, Ph.D, D.Sc.
A Practical Approach to Consistency and Excellence

For a home brewer who likes numbers and math, it is a fairly interesting peek into what brewing for a living looks like. Lots of details about how to test ingredients for quality. Making consistent beer every time on a large scale is a tough job!

The target audience of this book is brewing staff employed by large beer breweries. Covers procedures on quality assurance relating to the entire brewing process. The idea of scientifically testing beer at each stage is intriguing but not very practical for the home brewer. Large scale brewing is extremely technical, involving lots of scientific testing and data analysis. At each step in the beer production process quality control plays a huge role. There are many ‘tweaks’ that can be done along the way to a adjust a beer’s final profile. Some of these are way out there for a home brewer, and it makes me trust my home brew a lot more over commercial beer because I know exactly what is in it!

Topics unique to this book:

  • Large scale brewing practices
  • Using statistical measures to control brewing quality
  • Twenty key quality control checks in a brewery
  • Breakdown of statistics on ingredients (grain, water, hops, yeast)
  • Water quality standards tables by impurity
  • Chemistry involved in brewing

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