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Bear 2

320 calories 41.8 g 12 oz
Beer Stats
Method: All Grain
Style: Double IPA
Boil Time: 60 min
Batch Size: 5.5 gallons (fermentor volume)
Pre Boil Size: 8 gallons
Post Boil Size: 6 gallons
Pre Boil Gravity: 1.071 (recipe based estimate)
Post Boil Gravity: 1.094 (recipe based estimate)
Efficiency: 65% (brew house)
Calories: 320 calories (Per 12oz)
Carbs: 41.8 g (Per 12oz)
Created: Friday February 25th 2022
Amount Fermentable Cost PPG °L Bill %
16 lb US - Pale 2-Row16 lb Pale 2-Row 37 1.8 75.7%
3 lb American - Vienna3 lb Vienna 35 4 14.2%
0.50 lb American - Caramel / Crystal 40L0.5 lb Caramel / Crystal 40L 34 40 2.4%
12 oz Honey12 oz Honey 35 2 3.6%
8 oz Corn Sugar - Dextrose8 oz Corn Sugar - Dextrose 42 0.5 2.4%
6 oz German - Acidulated Malt6 oz Acidulated Malt 27 3.4 1.8%
21.12 lbs / 0.00
Amount Variety Cost Type AA Use Time IBU Bill %
1.10 oz Magnum1.1 oz Magnum Hops Pellet 15 Boil 60 min 47.37 8.4%
2 oz Centennial2 oz Centennial Hops Pellet 10 Boil 15 min 28.49 15.3%
2 oz Amarillo2 oz Amarillo Hops Pellet 8.6 Whirlpool 5 min 11.71 15.3%
2 oz Mosaic2 oz Mosaic Hops Pellet 12.5 Whirlpool 5 min 17.02 15.3%
6 oz Simcoe6 oz Simcoe Hops Pellet 12.7 Dry Hop 4 days 45.8%
13.10 oz / 0.00
Fermentis - Safale - American Ale Yeast US-05
1 Each
Attenuation (custom):
Optimum Temp:
54 - 77 °F
Fermentation Temp:
Pitch Rate:
0.35 (M cells / ml / ° P) 164 B cells required
0.00 Yeast Pitch Rate and Starter Calculator
CO2 Level: 2.25 Volumes
Target Water Profile
Light colored and hoppy
Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl- SO4-2 HCO3-
75 5 10 50 150 0
Mash Chemistry and Brewing Water Calculator

revisiting this recipe for another swing. i thought there was honey malt in this but i guess not.

redo this with standard yeast, and use a starter this time.

subbing bittering hops. need to figure out water profile - possible adjustments from tap.

As of 8/4 its been at garage temp in the keg and is now down to 1040 for 6.5%.

obviously beer was overly sweet. added some hothead or something else to it and it came down some more but still tasted too sweet and bad. not sure any hops came through. i think punt on kviek or at least hornindal
ok the brew came out bad. under attenuated. 1.040. i let it go 4 1/2 days before cold crashing. not sure what happened. here are some factors that could be fixed :

  • possible underpitch - used a jar of hornindal that was made from a big starter and split 3 ways. next time maybe add whole pouch?
  • possible yeast strain stubbornness - i think chad ritter said hornindal is a pain in the ass. next time switch back to hothead or try another strain
  • possible lack of nutrients - ive heard some kviek need nutrients to do the job, but that wasnt the case with hothead
  • possibly need to feed in the fermentables. added sugar andhoney to the boil - maybe next time add them a day or two later, possibly with some DME
  • possible efficiency and mash problem - low pH readings but need to fix meter. low efficiency for sure. need to boil longer. maybe mash longer. maybe not getting full conversion andor proper formation of short/long chains
  • possible grain crush issue
  • possible water chemistry issue - need to re-evaluate

    I'm also reading now that hornindal can under attenuate if you dont under pitch. use 1 tsp per 5 gallons. and need to use yeast nutrient.

    having some kind of serious mash problem. only 50 some % efficient. pH coming out way low - read under 4.6 yesterday. not sure if pH meter needs recalibration or broken but its measuring 7.5 - 6.75 on RO water.

    also there is something kind of strange about the water calculator. its possible it had me entering the salts for the full volume of water and not just the mash, thereby going too acidic. next time consider just treating all 10 gallons of water, not just the 8 that fit in the HLT.
    brew day.

    fine tuning the water. since we need almost 10 gallons water, i am changing the calculator to treat 8 gallons water (all that will fit in my digiboil), we will use 6.7 gallons for the mash as instructed. There will be 1.3 of gallons of treated water remaining, will then top that up with about 1.7 gallons of straight up RO water and use that 3 total gallons for sparge water.

    making more adjustments... thinking 9% better than 10. reducing vienna.

    altering hop schedule for simplicity. really changed it a lot actually.

    adding water profile.

    half ass constructed from here :

    which itself is a customized version of the real clone posted on bells website, mine is customized further for simplicity in hop schedule. grain bill adjusted as well. not sure what pale ale malt is so im using vienna.
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