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Barth-Haas - Sabro

Description: "Sabro™ imparts a strong and complex fruit flavor to beer. Sabro is a hop with robust brewing performance that consistently translates its distinct flavor to beer. Sabro’s flavor is notable for its complexity of fruity and citrus flavors, including distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical and stone fruit. In addition, there is a pronounced cream character and secondary flavors of vanilla, cedar, dill, and mint. KEY FLAVORS "

Most Used In:

Style Uses Avg. Usage Usage Range
American IPA5448%7% - 100%
Specialty IPA: New England IPA5439%8% - 100%
American Pale Ale2364%11% - 100%
American IPA743%8% - 100%
Specialty IPA: White IPA741%13% - 97%
Specialty IPA: Black IPA636%17% - 69%
American Stout573%23% - 100%
English IPA564%35% - 100%