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    Join Date: 04/14/15
    Location: Northern CaliforniaMountains 3000 ftElevation
    My Brewing:

    I,m a learner with about 20 brews under my belt. Right now I,m working 3 ferminters. One bottling bucket and 300 Sierra Nevada type bottles. Long necks are too tall for me these littler bottles work just great.I usually get about 96 bottles (2 Batches ) ready to drink,before I start consuming them. Also I have more friends than I used to have. They do not last long. Thats why I'm constantly brewing. Summer is easy for ales here . The temp in the house stays at between 67 and 71 all the time. Winter is more of a challenge. I only heat my house with wood, so i have to pick my ferminter location for ales, Lagering is easier for me in the winter,as long as i don't let the ferminter freeze.

    My Beers:

    I have brewed all the recipes I have listed at this sight. I favor Darker English style beers.That are malt forward. But also enjoy the hoppy IPA's also.