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Left Hand Milk Stout Clone

240 calories
Method: BIAB
Style: Sweet Stout
Boil Time: 60 min
Batch Size: 5 gallons (fermentor volume)
Boil Size: 6 gallons
Boil Gravity: 1.060 (recipe based estimate)
Efficiency: 80% (brew house)
Source: Homebrewtalk
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Fermentation History

Target 62°F

Attenuation: {{ stats.attenuation | number:2 }}%

Calories: {{ stats.calories | number:0 }} / 12 oz

Readings: {{ readings.length | number }}
Amount Fermentable PPG °L Bill %
7 lb Pale 2-Row7 lb Pale 2-Row 37 1.8 56.6%
1 lb Roasted Barley1 lb Roasted Barley 33 300 8.1%
12 oz Caramel / Crystal 80L12 oz Caramel / Crystal 80L 33 80 6.1%
12 oz Chocolate12 oz Chocolate 29 350 6.1%
12 oz Munich - Light 10L12 oz Munich - Light 10L 33 10 6.1%
10 oz Flaked Barley10 oz Flaked Barley 32 2.2 5.1%
8 oz Flaked Oats8 oz Flaked Oats 33 2.2 4%
1 lb Lactose (Milk Sugar)1 lb Lactose (Milk Sugar) 41 1 8.1%
12.38 lb Total      
Amount Variety Type AA Use Time IBU
0.35 oz Magnum0.35 oz Magnum HopsPellet15Boil60 min18.22
1 oz Goldings1 oz Goldings HopsPellet4.5Boil10 min5.66
Mash Guidelines
Amount Description Type Temp Time
14.2 qtInfusion153 F75 min
Other Ingredients
Amount Name Type Use Time
4 ozcocoa nibs4 oz cocoa nibsFlavorPrimary14 days
Attenuation (avg):
Optimum Temp:
54 - 77 °F
Fermentation Temp:
62 °F
Pitch Rate:
Yeast Pitch Rate and Starter Calculator
Target Water Profile: Dublin (Dry Stout)
Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl- SO4-2 HCO3-
110 4 12 19 53 280
Mash Chemistry and Brewing Water Calculator

Add lactose with 10 min left in the boil.

I crushed the nibs a little with a cooking mallet in a plastic baggie (you could use a rolling pin), and then I put them in a pot. I just used enough water to cover the nibs. I boiled the nibs in the water for about a minute and a half. I then poured the nibs and entire contents into the fermenter (there is a good soupy extract that's made when boiled and you want to use that also) and I let it sit in the fermenter for two weeks.

Priceless BIAB: 5,11.38,1.35,0,60,153,70,168,0.00,0.07,0.04,1.1,9,13.75,0,0.5,0,95,imperial,2.43,Left Hand Stout Clone,Stout,1.072,3-13,36,100,0.00,1.000,1.000
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Last Updated: 2018-10-30 17:55 UTC
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