1. B

    Seeking Recommendations for the Best Wholesale Hops Supplier in Michigan

    Hello fellow brewers, I'm in search of the best wholesale hops supplier in Michigan. As I continue to craft my own brews, sourcing high-quality ingredients is paramount to achieving the perfect flavor profile. Could anyone recommend a reputable supplier known for their fresh and diverse...
  2. Walken100

    Altitude "un" adjustment

    Ok I have a recipe that was brewed at altitude without any adjustment for altitude. Since then I adjust my hops addition for altitude. I've made an equipment profile for that includes altitude adjustment. For this one recipe I need to make it without altitude adjustment (it was really good...
  3. @

    Hops addition

    Hey, apologies if this has already been discussed/covered. I'm fairly new to home brewing and working my way up from home brew kits. Have decided to take on the Grimenberg Double recipe a go for my first brew but one of the steps asks for hops to be added at -90 mins which has confused me...
  4. S

    Home Brewing 36 Years and Still Counting

    Greetings to all brewers worldwide. I started home brewing thirty six years ago on a whim with my first batch of extract. I liked brewing so much but did not care for the extract kits of those early years and very quickly made the investment to go all-grain. Since then never had a bad batch and...
  5. Box of Rocks

    Hop Mix for American Amber Ale

    Using downtime during this blizzard of 2022. Am building an American Amber Ale recipe and would appreciate input from the hive of knowledge. Want to determine a hops mix that is bold, but not a nedipa. Also want a grain combo with good head retention, light brown/Amber color and rich...

    Hop information

    I would love to have a good hop guide integrated on brewersfriend: a dedicated page/tool on the site where I can search for hops and find their infos (aroma notes, characteristics, hop analysis, general information, maybe their spectrum on an aroma wheel) integration into the recipe view, if I...
  7. J1791Hernandez

    American Brown Ale Hops Pairing.

    I'm Brewing an American Brown Ale and was going to use Chinook and Cascade together but not sure how much to use. Would I bitter with Chinook and finish at 15 min with Cascade? Or the other way around? Bitter with Cascade and finish with Chinook?
  8. Bo Grows

    Greetings from Little Rock, Arkansas!

    Hello fellow brewers and brewsters! My name is Bo and I come from the verdant and bountiful land of Arkansas! Our fair city of Little Rock is full of amazing commercial breweries such as Lost Forty, Stone's Throw, Flyway, and Diamond Bear, but I still like the challenge of producing my own...
  9. J

    Adding hops to beer kit

    Now and then I make a Coopers Real Ale kit. I would like to make it a bit more hoppy. I'm looking for recommendations for dry hopping. What kind of hops? how long? in primary or secondary fermenter?
  10. H

    Hop costs not updating

    To Reproduce: Add hops to inventory (with or without brand) Update price of hops Add hops from inventory to recipe Expected Behaviour: Price of hops should be added to cost of recipe Actual Behvaiour: Price of hops not added to cost of inventory
  11. M

    Good hops for Stout

    What hops are good for Stouts. I have heard that not a lot of hops is recommended? But others are saying a few are good. What do you say?
  12. Willtwocircles

    Converting % of alphas into weights

    I have been sent a recipe that gives hop additions as: Chinook: about 30% of the alpha, add at start of boil Chinook: about 20% of alpha, add 10mins before end of boil Cascade: about 20% of alpha, at the end of boil Citra: about 30% of the alpha, at the end of boil How can I convert these...
  13. warwulf

    hops: pellets or leaf?

    wondering the pros and cons of using pellets vs leaf hops. suggestions? Thanks!
  14. T

    list of current hops with acids analysis

    I'm sort of newly back to home brewing. It's been a few years, but I spent many, many (25?) years making partial mash beers. Now after a hiatus I'm back and ready to go all grain. I can't believe all the new hops! In the old days, FH Steinbart always made up a list of the current hop crop and...
  15. I

    Adding hops before fermentation

    Hello, I've tried to brew an IPA recipe and kinda messed up with some of the hops, instead of doing "flame out" and adding them during cooldown, I only added the hops when the temperature was ready for yeast, just few minutes before pouring the yeast into the container. I think the crucial piece...
  16. M

    Hops...Before or After?

    Hi, Community, I made an IPA this evening. I have a question. Do I leave my hops in before putting them in fermenter, or do I take them out before... MikeB
  17. FedoraDave

    Question on an experimental recipe

    I've decided to concentrate more this year on lagers. I usually only brew a couple of them a year, but I want to expand the recipe file a little bit. I've got an IPL working right now, but a friend of mine asked about making an IPP - which translates to an India Pale Pilsner. So the grain bill...
  18. Kosh

    Strisselspalt hops!

    remembering my last trip to Switzerland had me thinking a lot about a munich dunkel brewed by a good friend there. awesome maltyness, flavor/aroma! he said it was a just a basic dunkel with traditional hallertauer bittering hops and Strisselspalt for flavoring and dry hopping. i had never...
  19. R

    Critique this Recipe...

    So.. my last batch did not go as planned and I ended up having to dump the batch due to bottle bombs. I just received some Azacca hops from Yakima Valley's Black Friday deal. I have never used these hops and was going to do a modified SMaSH :) Please let me know if you would do anything...
  20. Bubba Wade

    Dry Hopping in Fermentor

    I have been brewing quite a while, but I have decided to start experimenting with dry hopping. For my current batch, I am making 2.5 gallons of a basic IPA. After the beer had dropped to a SG of about 1.020, I added 1/2 ounce of pellet hops to the fermenter, contained in a stainless mesh hop...