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Dec 4, 2019
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So.. my last batch did not go as planned and I ended up having to dump the batch due to bottle bombs. I just received some Azacca hops from Yakima Valley's Black Friday deal. I have never used these hops and was going to do a modified SMaSH :) Please let me know if you would do anything differently.


6lbs Golden Promise
8 oz Flaked Oats (First time using oats) (any tips)

Azacca additions

5.65 grams at 60
8.5 grams at 15
28.35 grams at 0

No dryhopping.
Starting OG 1.052
Final Gravity 1.013

Aiming for 5.1 ABV

Mash at 152

I look forward to hearing some suggestions :)


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What yeast are you using? Honestly never knew what SMaSH stood for until I googled it just now. Are you making a hazy pale?
Why the oats? It looks like a good recipe, either with or without them. Just curious.

Since the oats are flaked, I assume they are already gelatinized. No special treatment should be needed during the mash.
One, technically, it isn't a SMaSH: You have two grains. The recipe is fine, it can make a good pale ale. It's the process that will make or break it.
Looks like you'll need to double check this batch that you final gravity has been reached before bottling dont want no explosions. Good luck I'm sure you'll nail it!
Azacca hops are wonderful. Big grapefruit, pineapple and lemon flavor. Some say big on orange, but that’s a flavor I don’t detect very well. I use them in a session IPA. Never added at 60, but Yakima says they are a dual purpose hop. That should be a good single hop pale ale. Maybe when you get adventurous, mix them with Mosaic, Centennial or Amarillo. Good luck and let us know how it comes out.