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Oct 22, 2022
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apologies if this has already been discussed/covered. I'm fairly new to home brewing and working my way up from home brew kits. Have decided to take on the Grimenberg Double recipe a go for my first brew but one of the steps asks for hops to be added at -90 mins which has confused me slightly!

The Recipe takes me through a 45 min steep boil for the grains and then once the grains have been removed and rinsed it asks for the hops with s time signature of -90 mins. I'm a bit confused as to when the hops are introduced, All recipes i have seen so far give times after boil commences and counts down from there so negative value in the recipe has confused me somewhat!

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?


Seems like you add them in at start of boil and go for 90 mins. Could you post the recipe?
What's the rest of hop schedule look like?
I would also assume it means a 90 minute boil time for the hops.

What I would be more concerned about though is the 45 minute steep boil time for the grains, you do not want to steep your grains in boiling water!
Agree with Pricelessbrewjng: most mash (steeping the grains) are at temperatures of maybe 145 to 158 F. Above 170 things happen that are highly undesirable while grain is in the water.

As a very simple rule of thumb, try to stay in the range of 146 to 152, that is a good spot to be.

See if you can get a book on brewing, like How To Brew by John Palmer. It covers these kinds of topics well. Or, of course, ask here!