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BSG - East Kent Goldings

Description: "Aroma. Regarded for centuries as England’s finest hop, EKG has been a spotlight flavor in the profiles of hoppy ales from the British Isles: IPA, pale ale, and bitter. It’s used at lower rates to subtle effect in Scottish and other darker, maltier ales. Aroma & Flavor Characteristics: Flowery with citrus peel or citrus candy overtones and a herbaceous, spring meadow-like undercurrent. Gentle and refined, dry hopping can bring forth its citrus aspects alongside a fresh grassy note. "

Most Used In:

Style Uses Avg. Usage Usage Range
Strong Bitter961%30% - 100%
Best Bitter961%25% - 100%
Irish Red Ale856%18% - 100%
Ordinary Bitter891%63% - 100%
American Porter767%25% - 100%
Brown Porter657%40% - 79%
Saison657%20% - 100%
Scottish Export585%40% - 100%