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BrewDog - Hinterland

315 calories
Method: All Grain
Style: Belgian Golden Strong Ale
Boil Time: 60 min
Batch Size: 20 liters (fermentor volume)
Pre Boil Size: 25 liters
Efficiency: 79% (brew house)
Source: BrewDog DIY
Calories: 315 calories (Per 355mL)
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Amount Fermentable PPG °L Bill %
6.9 kg American - Pale Ale6.9 kg Pale Ale 37 3.5 64.5%
0.5 kg American - Wheat0.5 kg Wheat 38 1.8 4.7%
1 kg Flaked Oats1 kg Flaked Oats 33 2.2 9.3%
0.5 kg Muntons - Dark Crystal0.5 kg Dark Crystal 33 150 4.7%
0.8 kg German - Carafa I0.8 kg Carafa I 32 340 7.5%
1 kg American - Chocolate1 kg Chocolate 29 350 9.3%
10.7 kg Total      
Amount Variety Type AA Use Time IBU
12.5 g Bramling Cross12.5 g Bramling Cross Hops Leaf/Whole 6.5 Boil 60 min
12.5 g Bramling Cross12.5 g Bramling Cross Hops Leaf/Whole 6.5 Boil 30 min
12.5 g Sorachi Ace12.5 g Sorachi Ace Hops Leaf/Whole 11.1 Boil 30 min
25 g Sorachi Ace25 g Sorachi Ace Hops Leaf/Whole 11.1 Boil 10 min
25 g Willamette25 g Willamette Hops Leaf/Whole 4.5 Boil 10 min
Mash Guidelines
Amount Description Type Temp Time
20 LMash InInfusion65 °C60 min
Attenuation (custom):
Optimum Temp:
16 - 22 °C
Fermentation Temp:
21 °C
Pitch Rate:
Yeast Pitch Rate and Starter Calculator
First Brewed 05/2015

Hinterland is a beer long in the creation, and even longer in the appreciation. On the aroma, deep reverberating roasty bitterness and sweet dark chocolate. Also in evidence, woodsmoke, rich vanilla, mocha and marzipan. When tasting, Hinterland reveals itself as the beer moves from cellar temperature to something warmer, yielding all of the above plus dried fruit, rich ganache and ending on a resoundingly warming finish redolent of chocolate liqueur or plum brandy.
Towards the end of the fermentation allow the temperature to free rise. This will let the yeast finish off the fermentation and scour off-flavours from the beer.
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Last Updated: 2019-08-22 19:46 UTC
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