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Amber of the Vale V2.6

174 calories
Method: BIAB
Style: American Amber Ale
Boil Time: 60 min
Batch Size: 6 gallons (fermentor volume)
Pre Boil Size: 7.57 gallons
Pre Boil Gravity: 1.042 (recipe based estimate)
Efficiency: 80% (brew house)
Source: JBW

Calories: 174 calories (Per 12oz)
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Amount Fermentable PPG °L Bill %
8.75 lb American - Pale 2-Row8.75 lb Pale 2-Row 37 1.8 80.6%
0.75 lb American - Caramel / Crystal 120L0.75 lb Caramel / Crystal 120L 33 120 6.9%
0.75 lb American - Vienna0.75 lb Vienna 35 4 6.9%
0.35 lb American - Victory0.35 lb Victory 34 28 3.2%
0.25 lb American - Caramel / Crystal 80L0.25 lb Caramel / Crystal 80L 33 80 2.3%
10.85 lb Total      
Amount Variety Type AA Use Time IBU
0.2 oz Cascade0.2 oz Cascade Hops Pellet 4.8 Boil 60 min 3.28
0.5 oz Magnum0.5 oz Magnum Hops Pellet 15 Boil 60 min 25.59
1 oz Willamette1 oz Willamette Hops Pellet 5.5 Whirlpool at 170 °F 5 min 3.43
Mash Guidelines
Amount Description Type Temp Time
8.3 galTemperature153 °F60 min
Attenuation (avg):
Optimum Temp:
54 - 77 °F
Fermentation Temp:
64 °F
Pitch Rate:
Yeast Pitch Rate and Starter Calculator
Method: Keg       Amount: Force carb      
Target Water Profile: Light colored and malty
Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl- SO4-2 HCO3-
60 5 10 95 55 0
My water sits a little high in sodium, but that is obviously not ideal.
Mash Chemistry and Brewing Water Calculator
I recommend clearing with Gelatin.

Won 1st place in Fort Walton Beach Homebrew club malty beers category.

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Last Updated: 2018-12-12 02:55 UTC
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Jeremiah White 08/06/2016 at 04:11pm
5 of 5

After 11 revisions of this recipe, I feel like I have finally perfected the Amber ale for my personal palate. It is almost always on tap at my house, albeit not for long.

Jeremiah White 06/26/2017 at 12:26am
Gone through 4 more revisions, still the best Amber I've ever had.

Anthony Roman 12/12/2018 at 02:51am
Love me a good amber. Is this recipe your latest revision?

Jeremiah White 12/12/2018 at 02:53am
It sure is, this a slightly sweet Amber and it benefits from a month in the keg to mellow. I've won a local brewery club best of show with it the other month, very happy with it.

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