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BSG - Idaho 7

Description: "Primarily aroma and dry hopping due to its potent aroma and flavor, but high enough alpha acids to contribute good bitterness. Excellent as a single hop or part of a blend for IPA, pale ale, and hop-forward American wheat beers. Aroma & Flavor Characteristics: Juicy tropical fruit and citrus (think apricot, orange, red grapefruit, papaya) with big notes of resiny pine and hints of black tea. "

Most Used In:

Style Uses Avg. Usage Usage Range
Specialty IPA: New England IPA9030%5% - 100%
American IPA7934%1% - 100%
American Pale Ale3242%7% - 100%
American IPA1941%17% - 100%
Blonde Ale754%29% - 87%
American Pale Ale726%14% - 52%
Double IPA655%14% - 100%
Specialty IPA: Black IPA638%15% - 55%
Specialty IPA: Red IPA544%8% - 57%