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Peachy & Cream Gose (PCG)

136 calories 16.1 g 330 ml
Beer Stats
Method: BIAB
Style: Gose
Boil Time: 30 min
Batch Size: 22.5 liters (fermentor volume)
Pre Boil Size: 28.5 liters
Pre Boil Gravity: 1.029 (recipe based estimate)
Efficiency: 47% (brew house)
Source: Viking Sweat & Peaches and Cream Farmhouse combo
Calories: 136 calories (Per 330ml)
Carbs: 16.1 g (Per 330ml)
Created: Friday December 14th 2018
Amount Fermentable Cost PPG °L Bill %
3 kg New Zealand - Pilsner Malt3 kg Pilsner Malt 37.3 1.93 48%
2.75 kg New Zealand - Wheat Malt2.75 kg Wheat Malt 35.4 2.13 44%
0.50 kg Lactose (Milk Sugar)0.5 kg Lactose (Milk Sugar) - (late boil kettle addition) 41 1 8%
6.25 kg / 0.00
Amount Variety Cost Type AA Use Time IBU Bill %
30 g Hallertau Blanc30 g Hallertau Blanc Hops Pellet 9.5 First Wort 60 min 32.88 60%
20 g Simcoe20 g Simcoe Hops Pellet 12.7 Boil 5 min 6.91 40%
50 g / 0.00
Mash Guidelines
Amount Description Type Start Temp Target Temp Time
31 L Strike Temp. 71C Infusion -- 67 °C 40 min
Other Ingredients
Amount Name Cost Type Use Time
7 g Gypsum Water Agt Mash 1 hr.
0.50 tsp Brewtan B Water Agt Mash 40 min.
12 g Table Salt (Pink Himalayan) Water Agt Boil 1 hr.
1 tsp Yeast Nutrient Water Agt Boil 15 min.
0.50 tsp Brewtan B Fining Boil 10 min.
0.50 each Whirlfloc Fining Boil 10 min.
12 g Table Salt Water Agt Mash 1 hr.
700 g Peaches Flavor Primary 3 days
Fermentis - Safale - German Ale Yeast K-97
2 Each
Attenuation (avg):
Optimum Temp:
12 - 25 °C
Fermentation Temp:
18.5 °C
Pitch Rate:
0.35 (M cells / ml / ° P) 86 B cells required
0.00 Yeast Pitch Rate and Starter Calculator
Target Water Profile
Light colored and hoppy
Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl- SO4-2 HCO3-
75 5 10 50 150 0
7g Gypsum
12g Pink Himalayan salt
Mash Chemistry and Brewing Water Calculator

A beer inspired by Batch Brewing Co. Peaches and Cream Farmhouse & Viking Sweat (Bribie Gose Tropo - BGT). Using the same water chem. and most of the grist from 'Bribie Gose Tropo', and hops and peaches from Batch Brewing recipe.

Batch #1 - 16/12/18 (47% Eff.)

  • Didn't add coriander seeds used in BGT, didn't want the pepper with the sweetness of the lactose and peaches.
  • Cut back from 50g Hallertau Blanc to 30g and added 20g of Simcoe late (substituted for Amarillo as per Batch Brewing recipe.)
  • Very low efficiency????
    24/12/18 - SG:1022, tastes quite sweet still with a hint of milk from the lactose, added 6ml of lactic acid, let temp rise to 21C (maybe a bit late)
    27/12/18 - SG: 1020, tasting slightly sour, the cream has died back a bit, added 1 (Goulburn Valley 700g Peaches in Juice), cold crashed.
    31/12/18 - Kegged and carbed.
    3/1/19 - Tastes mildly sweet, fruit flavour very mild, thin body. Came in very high, not sure why. Maybe up ferm temp next time. About to be left for two weeks, might add more fruit.
    19/1/19 - Smoothed out with a thin body, mild sweetness and restrained peach flavour, could do with bit more fruit. Not bad.

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