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    Join Date: 01/18/12
    Location: Salem, Oregon
    My Brewing:

    I am fairly new to brewing. I really enjoy it so far, to the extent that even though I have only done two brews, I am already kegging my brews. I am a member of (id TheGAC). I have just changed the factory settings on my frigidaire chest freezer, so that its temperature is just below 40*F.

    I'd love to have buddies to brew with, if you're near Keizer, OR, hit me up sometime.

    My Beers:

    Previous Brews:
    Pilsner (with ale yeast, enjoyed this)
    Belgian Wit from Austin Homebrew Supply (enjoyed this as well)
    Requiem Raspberry (really botched this one up, not a good brew)

    Future Brews:
    Lemon-Lime Hefeweizen (this will be my main staple to refine my brewing process and become a reliable brewer.)
    Rogue Irish Lager Clone (thanks to DIY Brewing for help on this recipe!)