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Yakima Valley Hops - AU Galaxy

Description: "The Australian hop brand Galaxy was developed from the breeding program at Hop Products Australia (Barth-Haas Group) and is attracting much attention as a high-impact flavor hop. When used as a late addition, it contributes a striking and distinctive citrus and passion fruit character. Developed and grown exclusively in Australia, Galaxy is a late maturing seedless brand. "

Most Used In:

Style Uses Avg. Usage Usage Range
Specialty IPA: New England IPA11231%6% - 100%
American IPA5434%7% - 100%
American Pale Ale2642%13% - 100%
American IPA839%8% - 100%
Blonde Ale738%16% - 100%
Double IPA737%9% - 100%
Specialty IPA: Black IPA518%11% - 25%