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BSG - German Northern Brewer

Description: "Dual purpose. German-grown Northern Brewer has a more “noble” and less pungent profile than when grown elsewhere, which makes it suited to a variety of traditional European styles where a strong or “American” hop signature may not be appropriate - German lagers, Belgian and Trappist ales, farmhouse-style beers. Aroma & Flavor Characteristics: Predominantly spicy with an undercurrent of woods and wild fruit, suggestive of its Brewer’s Gold parentage. Overall balanced with lasting flavor that reads as simply “hoppy” - not as outright woodsy and bright as US-grown Northern Brewer. "

Most Used In:

Style Uses Avg. Usage Usage Range
Best Bitter741%28% - 67%
Russian Imperial Stout546%5% - 71%
British Strong Ale555%18% - 100%
Belgian Pale Ale547%33% - 50%
American Stout551%29% - 100%
American Amber Ale547%25% - 100%