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    Join Date: 05/21/14
    Location: Seattle, WA
    My Brewing:

    My brew set up is pretty simple. 5 gallon all grain batches, heated but not cooled fermentation in a ghetto DIY chamber, a grain bag in lieu of a false bottom in my mash ton. All gravity fed, no pumps. Then I keg it all for serving in my kegerator. I never quite got the hang of bottling and conditioning. I am impatient and usually pull my beers out of the fermenter when I want to drink them, not necessarily when they are ready. I have refined my technique down to something mostly reproducible and I consistently make pretty drinkable beers.

    My Beers:

    I am brewing my way across all the styles, trying out different recipes, some pre made kits, and a handful of my own recipes. I like all different styles including cider. So far, I havent made the same beer twice but I would like to find some recipes I really like that I can reproduce and dial in to perfection.